Silverpop - Solving Common B2B Problems, Part 3: Getting Higher-Quality Leads
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Solving Common B2B Problems, Part 3: Getting Higher-Quality Leads

by: Bryan Brown (@getvision)
14 March 2012

At the recent MarketingSherpa B2B Summit, I was honored to be named Lead Gen Apprentice for my innovative solutions to three common business problems. This is the third part of a three-part series in which I elaborate on each problem and my proposed solution. (Read part one and part two.) While the dollar amounts and company details may not exactly match your specific scenario, the strategies and tactics outlined here should prove useful for addressing these common challenges.

The business problem: An authentication solution company has no problem winning over IT practitioners, but they keep losing to larger competition with executive relationships. Channel partners with executive relationships who have a high close rate only bring the company’s name into the mix when asked to do so. VC investors are becoming nervous and scrutinizing the company’s pipeline, so they need to bring in more executive-level leads in a one-month period.

To help validate the company’s position in the marketplace, hire an analyst to host a round table event or Webinar with some big-name customers. By bringing in influential names from the industry, more high-level individuals will be enticed to attend the event.

Once your event or Webinar is organized, build a campaign to lure in registrants. Use dynamic content to populate emails with sales reps’ contact information, company branding and partner information. By sending personalized invitations with extremely relevant and engaging content to contacts, more high-quality leads will be drawn in.


Place your partners in a nurture program that educates them about your offerings and includes information that sets you apart from your competitors. Your partners have relationships with the executives you’re looking to reach, so by including the partners and having them include their prospects, more people will be exposed to not only the event, but your company and product as well.


Create a friendly competition amongst your partners to see who can register the most prospects for your event, with the winner(s) receiving goodies like gift cards or a cobranded landing page. It’s a win/win situation for both your company and your partners—they receive incentives for promoting your event, while you’re receiving the leads you need.


You already have a database full of practitioners who would like to be using your product but don’t necessarily make the buying decisions. Encourage these contacts to share your blog posts and relevant news articles with their bosses. Provide information as to why their bosses should attend the Webinar and include links and easily shareable information. Once executives register for the Webinar, you’ll have their information and, with the help of marketing automation technologies, can effectively nurture them until they’re ready to make a purchase.

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