Silverpop - BtoB Notes from Silverpop’s Sixth Annual Digital Marketer Conference
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BtoB Notes from Silverpop’s Sixth Annual Digital Marketer Conference

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
03 June 2008

Recently, Silverpop hosted its Sixth Annual Digital Marketer Conference in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The conference included a stellar line up of industry power houses who educated BtoB marketers about what strategies are working and which are not in the current BtoB marketplace. The speakers included John Coe, president and founder of the Sales & Marketing Institute; Ian Michiels, senior research analyst for Aberdeen Group; and Ginger Stegmier, director of marketing, LeanLogistics, to name a few. The variety of sessions gave everyone in attendance a unique mix of sage learnings with fresh perspectives on maximizing BtoB marketing initiatives.

For instance, Coe turned up the heat in his BtoB Intensive session by calling out all marketers who use insignificant data in their BtoB campaigns. He noted that 50-70 percent of the results of a direct marketing campaign are dependent on the accuracy and completeness of your list. In his opinion, the single biggest reason CRM implementation has failed and analytics don't work in BtoB is the poor quality of the data. By using the appropriate permission based marketing tactics, B2B companies can focus on identified prospect lists with a much higher accuracy.

Michiels hosted a discussion entitled Benchmarks and KPI's - How are the Successful Measuring Up? His message focused on Aberdeen's latest research and how Best-In-Class companies differ from laggards through closed-loop marketing best practices. Also, he discussed the importance of BtoB marketers focusing more attention on satisfying existing clients versus new clients.

Stegmier, known as the "velvet hammer" to her sales team for her gentle aggression, participated in the Empowering Sales Through Marketing Automation panel. She talked about marketing and sales aligning their definitions of a qualified lead and bonding as a team. By leveraging valuable thought capital content within their lead generation and nurture marketing efforts, LeanLogistics was able to see dramatic reductions in the cost to acquire new customers.

The conference was truly informative and lots of fun to all who participated. Between the impressive sessions and opportunities for networking, it was a terrific learning environment and one which attendees said they hope to experience again next year.




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