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BtoB Marketers Embrace New Media

Bill Nussey, Silverpop
by: Bill Nussey (@bnussey)
23 August 2007

For anyone who thinks online BtoB marketers lead a less exciting life than their BtoC counterparts, think again. I recently read a great post about BtoB new media marketing on Valeria Maltoni’s blog Conversation Agent that may just change your mind.

Quoting the results of a June online survey of more than 300 marketers by research company, Guideline, Valeria reports that BtoB companies overall embrace more new media platforms sooner, and are much more likely to allocate a higher percentage of their media budgets to online marketing channels than their BtoC counterparts.

BtoB marketers also take a more bottom line approach. They concentrate on lead generation, and have more experience with proven platforms such as email, online ads, search engine optimization and Webinars. BtoC marketers on the other hand tend to focus on brand building through emerging channels. Although BtoC marketers have more experience with viral video, social networking and mobile marketing platforms, BtoB marketers also use emerging channels for brand building, and have more experience with blogs and wikis.




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