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Take the Silverpop Survey on Birthday Emails

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by: Loren McDonald (@LorenMcDonald)
15 September 2011

The "Happy Birthday" email can be one of the most effective messages in your email marketing toolbox, whether you use it to drive additional sales, unleash your creativity or build engagement by making your customers feel special.

Birthday emails have a comparatively low level of effort compared with their typically high ROI. For one Silverpop client, the monthly birthday email delivers 25 times the average revenue per email than its standard broadcast message. Another client helps subscribers create and send birthday wish lists to friends and family.

Still, many marketers don't deploy birthday emails because they don't collect birth dates or lack the time and know-how to set up a successful program.

Because triggered birthday emails can be so lucrative, Silverpop is seeking a clearer picture of the issues holding marketers back as well as program details for marketers who have launched birthday programs, such as birth date collection processes, incentives, message timing and program metrics.

Whether you’ve been sending birthday emails for years or have never even considered doing so, we invite you to take the survey today.

Be sure to provide an email address at the end of the survey so that you can receive a copy of the results when they're ready. In addition to reporting on the survey data, Silverpop will use the survey for a future white paper guide on birthday emails.

Take the survey today, and stay tuned for the results and accompanying guide!


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