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B2B Tip of the Week

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
17 March 2009

The best ideas are oftentimes the simplest. They seem to make so much sense once you review the issue before you. Then, they make you wonder how you missed it before.

The recent ah-ha moment for me was in planning how to best share ongoing advice to B2B marketers as it relates to lead management (thus fulfilling the mission of this blog). Well, the answer was right under my nose so to speak in the form of Silverpop's own marketing team, product consultants, and client account teams who are defining and implementing lead management best practices each and every day. Through the implementation of hundreds of marketing automation implementations, they have been fortunate to work with leading B2B marketing organizations engaged in global lead generation tactics and processes. Therefore, I decided to see if I could get some "volunteers" to provide their insights by means of a Tip of the Week.

So over the coming months, look to hear Tips from product marketing, field marketing, lead generation, Engage B2B (fna Vtrenz) product consultants, account managers, and maybe even a client or two. These are the people who don't just discuss the theory, but actually put this into practice every day.

Like I said, simple, isn't it!




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