Silverpop - B2B Marketing University Fall 2010: The Art of Nurturing
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B2B Marketing University Fall 2010: The Art of Nurturing

by: Adam Needles (@IBMforMarketing)
07 September 2010

Labor Day always feels to me like the true indicator that Fall has arrived, and so the day after Labor Day feels like the ideal point to announce our Fall 2010 line-up for B2B Marketing University.

We've re-tooled our renowned B2B Marketing University (Twitter: #B2BUniversity) curriculum this Fall.  The core concepts remain, but we've reshaped entire curriculum around one, uniting theme:  The Art of Nurturing  And we are kicking off this new curriculum next week in New York City.

Are you planning to join us?

Source: Silverpop

B2B Marketing University is a series of free -- yes, stop right here for an extra second, we do all of this at no cost -- educational events designed to help B2B marketers stay ahead of the curve in a challenging and constantly-evolving demand generation environment.

The original series kicked off last Fall 2009, and to date more than 1,000 attendees have joined us at events in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Palo Alto, Seattle and Washington, DC.  These events deliver world-class marketing education, and we've partnered with leading B2B marketing experts to teach our sessions (see below).

You don’t have to take our word for it, though.  90% of our attendees are 'Net Promoters' and would recommend this event to a colleague or peer.  More than 98% of attendees said the topics covered were important or very important to their business role. In addition, many of our attendees have commented on the event series in their blogs and on Twitter.  One Boston attendee noted on his blog, “I found the event to be very beneficial and learned quite a bit about B2B Marketing and the value of lead automation.”

We’ve had a year of great experiences, and we continue to improve our series.

I believe The Art of Nurturing thus represents our newest and most salient curriculum to date.

So here's some background on where we're going this Fall.

Why 'The Art of Nurturing'?

Here on the Silverpop Demand Generation blog, my colleagues and I have covered the 'brave new world' of modern B2B marketing, particularly the evolution in our core, underlying demand generation model.  We must become more buyer-centric than ever before -- responding to the rise of Buyer 2.0 and the shift in power from vendor to buyer.

There are a lot of moving pieces.

I've previously written that the key building blocks to successful, buyer-centric B2B marketing are content marketing strategy, lead management processes and marketing automation infrastructure.  I also believe the core connective thread of our demand generation programs should be the holistic, integrated and fully orchestrated nurturing of B2B buyer prospects from identified 'problem' to sold 'solution' and beyond.  And the combination of your Web assets and your email nurturing messages are the core tools of successful nurturing by your marketing team.

Our Spring 2010 series attendees rated 'email/outbound marketing' and 'campaign design/management' as the top two issues they are were interested in learning about at B2B Marketing University.

Given these insights, plus the fact that nurturing our relationship with the B2B buyer matters more than ever, we've chosen to take our program 'back to basics' with a focus on the key elements of successful, end-to-end, Web/email-based buyer nurturing.

Our Fall 2010 program thus will examine:

  • What is the successful sequence of nurturing activities that will help you accelerate your funnel from lead to sale?
  • How can you leverage content marketing strategy, lead management processes and marketing automation technology together to drive sophisticated demand generation?
  • What are the different types of nurturing you should be doing via marketing engagement versus sales engagement, at various stages in the buying cycle and online versus offline?
  • And what is the fundamental, core role that Web content and email nurturing plays in tying your nurturing program together?

The Fall 2010 curriculum will get 'hands-on' and 'how-to' like never before -- helping B2B marketers get a jump-start on developing world-class demand generation programs, rooted in successful and scalable Web/email nurturing, powered by marketing automation.

Cities and Dates

Where can you get in on the action?

Dates and locations for the Fall 2010 series include:

  • New York, NY - Tuesday, September 14, 2010
  • Boston, MA - Tuesday, October 19, 2010
  • San Francisco, CA - Tuesday, November 2, 2010

As always, to view dates for the entire series and register for currently-open events, go to the B2B Marketing University homepage.


Perhaps the best part about B2B Marketing University is the world-class talent we've got teaching the curriculum.

The presentations by our 'profs' will cover B2B marketing trends, nurturing dialogue including content marketing, building out program infrastructure, campaign development and implementation. We will discuss the complete marketing process starting with the current marketing environment and the latest technologies. We will then take you through creating a nurturing dialogue using the latest tools right for the current environment to generate demand for your solutions. The program will finish with putting lead management and lead nurturing into practice – heard straight from marketers who have done it successfully.

Who are these folks?

Our Fall 2010 core team includes:

We also have several additional firms, including Bourne, Conselltants, Raab Associates and SiriusDecisions that will be joining us along the way.  And we will feature case studies from B2B marketers at every event.

So with a week to go to New York, I look forward to seeing you on the B2B Marketing University series very soon.


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