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Awesome Technology, but be Careful

by: bgramer (@IBMforMarketing)
08 August 2007

Silverpop has a cool company tradition where the entire company attends a newly released techie movie during work hours. We saw “The Bourne Ultimatum” and it was fantastic! As a newly acquired company the Vtrenz staff got to participate in this tradition for the first time and loved it. Not only was it great for employee relations and morale, but for a high-tech, marketing communications company, it was awesome to see advanced communications technology and how it was used throughout the movie to track the different characters. 

After the movie I thought more about advanced marketing communication technologies of the future used to track behaviors and communicate with customers. Most of the technologies already exist, such as SMS, Satellite, RSS, and the Internet in general, but the way we use them will become more advanced. Although technology applications and methods will likely increase for marketers, which is exciting news, the movie also brought to light how careful we need to be as we develop better uses for these technologies in the marketing world.

We need to be very cognizant of privacy issues, security, and excessive communication. Good marketers will always keep these and other pressing social issues at the forefront of any marketing discussion. The power marketers will hold in the future will be tremendous and only the most ethical and prudent marketers will and should be able to take advantage of it. I am sure government will continue to play a regulatory role in the marketing world. But as we have learned from the CAN-SPAM Act, it is also up to socially conscious, ethical marketers to regulate themselves and the companies they work for.

Silverpop is one of the best marketing technology companies I have ever seen or had the privilege to work for when it comes to self regulation and social responsibility. We are always on the forefront of technology deployment, and privacy and security concerns. In the long run, we will succeed with our ethical approach to marketing, as will other marketers if they keep the social issues at the forefront of their marketing discussions, even at the expense of short term revenue or profit gains.




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