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Automated Marketing Solutions Mean More for Less

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
05 May 2008

Though automated closed-loop marketing was once thought to be just about uniting sales and marketing teams, its benefits extend much further. As outlined in the latest Aberdeen Group Report, closed-loop marketing increases the relevancy of marketing messages to lift conversion, grow revenue and improve return on marketing investments.

Sophisticated, automated closed-loop marketing that incorporates lead scoring can prioritize leads and determine the likelihood of each becoming a customer by taking into consideration both Explicit and Implicit prospect data. And the best part? It saves time, money and helps you close more sales. Here's how:

  • Aberdeen found that automated, closed-loop processes help Best-In-Class companies (those in the top 20% of aggregate performance scores) save time and money by incorporating lead management technologies that rank scores based on criteria identified as that most often associated with prospective customers.
  • Time is saved by marketing teams, because only qualified leads are passed to sales versus sales spending their time chasing down cold leads. In regards to performance metrics, the average Best-In-Class company saw an annual revenue increase of 35 percent compared to a 7 percent increase by companies that do not use automated closed-loop marketing.
  • Automated closed-loop marketing can be measured through relevancy, conversion and ROMI.

Save the green for your pocket and the planet. Automated closed-loop marketing is a winning strategy for successful CMO's.




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