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"The Apprentice" and email marketing

by: Admin (@)
23 November 2004

As email industry insiders, many of us have struggled over the years to explain our craft. The public and the media often mistake us for spammers or worse yet, dismiss us as part of that online fad that will ultimately go the way of the CB Radio.

Well, email marketers need no longer despair. A friend of mine shared some exciting news with me that will forever dispel any questions about email. It turns out that the TV show, The Apprentice, that paragon of American Business, recently pitted two teams against each other to create a 4-hour bridal store sale. One team decided to market their sale the old fashion way, handing out photo-copied advertisements on the street. The other team rented a co-branded list from and emailed their sale to 23,000 people. The results: the print advertisers generated weak sales of a mere $1060.47. The email marketing team, on the other hand, created a line outside the door and generated sales $12,788.94. For you fans of case study ROI's, that's 1206% conversion rate improvement for the online guys.

I hope that this will once and for all settle the issue in the minds of the American Public - if The Apprentice winners used email marketing to win, then it's gotta be the best solution for every business in America: grin.




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