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AOL on an Opt-out Button

Bill Nussey, Silverpop
by: Bill Nussey (@bnussey)
12 December 2006

At the Email Insider Summit, I had the opportunity to ask AOL Postmaster Charles Stiles about one of my favorite topics: an opt-out button. The problem is that the "spam" button is used indiscriminately by recipients for both reporting spam and for simply removing themselves from a list. If a second button were added for opting out, it would allow recipients to make that critical distinction, and thus improve the ability of AOL's spam filters to tell the good email from the bad.

Charles jumped on the question. Apparently, AOL really likes the idea, but can't implement it as quickly as it would like. He said the AOL email application currently lacks room for another button. He also pointed out that an opt-out button only makes sense for quality senders. (Of course, the ability to know whether a sender is legitimate, and thus whether an opt-out button should be enabled, is already in place with its white-listing and reputation system.) He really likes the idea and indicated it's something we'll see in a few years.




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