Silverpop - Yahoo! rolls out DomainKeys
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Yahoo! rolls out DomainKeys

by: Admin (@)
29 November 2004

A friend of mine said the authentication technology marketplace is like an old horror movie: every time you think the monster is dead, it just comes back to life with more attitude than ever.

Well, the latest monster to come back to life is doing so with a vengeance. Yahoo's Domain Keys standard was quietly mentioned months ago but quickly usurped by SPF, CalledID and then, finally, SenderID. Evidently, Yahoo has been diligently working on the technology and was less worried about PR than some of the competition. The first sign that Domain Keys might become a real contender came when Yahoo's arch rival, Google, started quietly using it. Then, more recently, Yahoo re-announced their support for it and also announced that Earthlink had joined in as well. Domain Keys went from Zero to Hero in a month and is now one of the most talked about authentication schemes at the recent Inbox conference (see my previous blog).

So, what does this mean for the average email marketer? For the time being, it would seem that authentication is getting more complex and diverse. Unfortunately, the alphabet soup of anti-spam technologies is going to need a much bigger bowl.




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