Silverpop - 2012 Silverpop Pop Star Awards
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2012 Silverpop Pop Star Awards

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by: Karen Marchione (@kmarchione)
05 June 2012

Every year as part of our annual customer conference we host the Silverpop Pop Star Awards, a friendly competition among our clients that typically serves to amaze us with all the cool ways they’ve taken their digital marketing programs to the next level. This year was absolutely no exception.

With more than 75 nominations, our customers made it incredibly difficult to pick winners across our 10 categories. Below are some of my favorites from this year:

MOST POPULAR POP STAR: space150 on behalf of its client Dairy Queen
Awarded for:
The best use of social in an email

Why They Won: Dairy Queen challenged its agency, space150, to grow its email database while increasing coupon prints. Space150 determined that without budget for paid acquisition, the best way to do this was to utilize social media.

Using Silverpop’s Share-to-Social feature and Facebook’s “Like” button, space150 launched a campaign around the Blizzard of the Month that increased new Blizzard Fan Club members by nearly 400,000 — a 37 percent increase over the program goal — and resulted in a record 412,000 coupons printed, which was 33 percent above the campaign goal.

More on space 150 and Dairy Queen:

  • Case Study: “American Dairy Queen drives fan club membership, boosts store traffic and increases customer satisfaction”
  • Blog: “5 Questions: Jamie Guse of Dairy Queen on Social Media, Loyalty Programs”
  • Incentive Magazine article: “Dairy Queen Uses Social Incentives to Boost Fan Base”


Awarded for:
The best email program ROI

Why It Won: The YouSendIt email program resulted in more than a million dollars in bookings last year alone, netting an incredible ROI on its email investment. YouSendIt recently presented at Silverpop Amplify on the topic of “Cart Abandonment: From Zero to 60 in 45 days,” where it described the process of setting up a cart abandonment campaign in less than two months that’s netted a 12.65 percent conversion rate. Bravo YouSendIt!


Awarded for:
The best email program ROI

Why It Won: King Arthur Flour maintains an aggressive email schedule, with year-round deadlines, yet each email is built using compelling imagery designed to entice its enthusiastic “foodie” audience to get into the kitchen.

Exhibit A? King Arthur Flour’s spring campaign featuring delectable cherry cupcakes:


According to Ben Adams, King Arthur Flour’s Web designer, “Each mailing is painstakingly crafted to include elements that represent our company and brand: premier, yet comfortable; classic, yet cutting-edge. We know we have less than 5 seconds to engage our readers, so the team spends hours planning, designing, sketching, photographing, writing, checking, changing and checking again until each email is a virtual work of art. Foodies worldwide will attest that after you've seen a King Arthur email, it's impossible to resist getting out the mixing bowl and turning on the oven!”

Read more on King Arthur Flour:

  • Case Study: “King Arthur Flour increase email ROI 150% with better targeting”
  • Blog: “5 Questions: Halley Silver of King Arthur Flour on Email Personality, Social Media”
  • Client Presentation: “Humanization of Email Marketing Content” (King Arthur Flour and Moosejaw)


Teacher’s Pet Pop Star: NetProspex
Awarded for:
The best campaign to support sales

Why It Won: NetProspex drives B2B lead generation as a partner for targeted prospect lists, data cleansing and profiling analytics to understand data for optimal marketing results. NetProspex has worked to integrate sales and marketing toward a common revenue goal, implemented a lead scoring model, and established clear definitions for lead levels and stages.

Separate email programs are deployed for each of three types of communications (lead generation, sales nurture programs and customer communications), and NetProspex utilizes queries to build the list segmentation required to send the right message to the right communication group. All programs are built as a multitouch program and offer informational offers based on buyer persona. During the past year, marketing-generated revenue has moved from 11 percent to 45 percent by utilizing Silverpop Engage and to make the sales and marketing alliance an integral part of all daily activities.

In addition, NetProspex’s lead scoring model is proving that it works. Conversion rates for the handoff of leads from marketing to sales prior to the new lead scoring model were 21 percent, and today they hover around 70 percent. According to Tamara Graves, senior director of marketing operation, “All in all, we’ve taken a giant leap forward by leveraging Silverpop Engage for integration with our other systems and for its lead scoring capabilities.”

Read more on Netprospex:

  • Guest Blog: “NetProspex’s Tamara Graves on 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Database”


Congrats to all of the Silverpop Pop Stars this year! Check out the full list of winners —including our picks for “Class Nerd” and “Most Likely to Take Oprah’s Job.”


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