Silverpop - Infographic: 2012 Black Friday Check-ins
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Infographic: 2012 Black Friday Check-ins

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by: Adam Steinberg (@adams472)
03 December 2012

If you were out shopping on Black Friday this year, you probably had your smartphone out at some point – making a call, comparing prices online, or taking a picture of how long the check-out line was. Perhaps you were also one of the thousands who used their mobile device to “check in” via Foursquare or Facebook.

Although Black Friday 2012 was a mixed bag for retailers, with foot traffic up a bit compared to 2011 but sales down slightly, the continuing proliferation of smartphones meant more check-ins than ever. Curious where and when customers were checking in this year – and what they were saying when they did so – Silverpop pored over the data from the big shopping weekend. Here’s an illustrated look at what we discovered.

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