Silverpop - You Don’t Have to Be a Psychic to Read Your Customers’ Minds
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You Don’t Have to Be a Psychic to Read Your Customers’ Minds

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by: Todd McCormick (@TMcCormick2011)
26 August 2013

Ever wish you could read your customers’ minds? Wouldn’t marketing be so much easier and more effective if you knew exactly what they wanted — even before they did?

Great news: You don’t need psychic abilities. You just need to pay attention to your customers’ behaviors so that you know what and when they are most likely to buy. A robust marketing automation solution will help you do just that.

Here’s how marketing automation will help you stay one step ahead of your digital buyers:

Speak Brick and Mortar Online: A good salesperson in a sporting goods store would never push soccer products on someone who’s just spent 30 minutes in the baseball section. So why would an online retailer promote soccer balls first to someone who recently spent half an hour browsing baseball gloves? If your email marketing campaigns aren’t tied into your Web tracking data, you’re missing out on opportunities to communicate with customers as individuals. With a powerful marketing automation platform that’s capable of tracking online behaviors and storing all your data in one place, you can send prospects and customers more targeted, relevant content.

Anticipate Your Customers’ Needs: I bet when you logged into your email this morning, you saw at least half a dozen emails from companies you’ve done business with in the past and will probably buy from again in the future. But I also bet you deleted most, if not all, of them without reading past the subject line, because they weren’t relevant to your current needs. For example, if you bought printer cartridges at an office supply store yesterday, the email you received today telling you that those cartridges are on sale tomorrow is useless to you. But if that retailer’s email marketing solution had tapped into your purchase history, it would know you haven’t bought copier paper in a while, and then send you a deal on that item instead.

Keep Tabs on Them: Thirty-three percent of smartphone users now share their locations with retailers, according to the 2012 Social & Mobile Commerce Consumer study published by comScore Inc., and The Partnering Group. With location-based marketing, you know where many of your customers shop, when they shop and, to some degree, what they’re shopping for. Imagine you’re a grocer. You know from geotargeting that Susan, a loyal customer, goes to the gym early every morning, and that Bill, who is also a frequent customer, usually stops by the donut shop on his way to work. That gives you some pretty big clues about their eating habits. So instead of sending Susan, Bill and everyone else in your database the same coupons, you can send Susan deals on fresh produce and other healthy foods, while letting Jim know about this week’s specials in the bakery.

By leveraging the power of a robust, unified digital marketing platform, you get to know your online customers better than ever. You know what they want, when they want it, and exactly how to communicate with them — no crystal ball required.

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