Silverpop - Why Enhanced Collaboration and Integrations Will Reduce Your Time to Market
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Why Enhanced Collaboration and Integrations Will Reduce Your Time to Market

by: Tom Miller (@CommonwealthTM)
11 August 2016

Last year we showed you our “marketing dream team” – what we believe to be the seven critical roles necessary to create the kind of personalized, intuitive buying experiences customers have come to expect. When you can collaborate across teams, you can focus on the customer – and improve every interaction they have with your brand.

Larger companies likely have a marketing department full of individuals like Carlos the Creative Manager, Anthony the Customer Data Analyst, Patty the Marketing Operations Planner, and Ann, the Customer Experience Designer. Smaller organizations might have just one or two marketers straddling everything. Regardless of the size of your team, each player must be aware of each other person’s contributions to the marketing campaign so you deliver a consistent, holistic interaction strategy with your customers and prospects.

Collaboration also entails integrations outside of your marketing team, including across your organization and with your external ecosystem of partners and providers. A few months ago we interviewed Dan Farrell, the senior vice president of marketing and sales for the St. Louis Cardinals. He gave us insight into how he has to lead his internal marketing and sales teams, make strategic partnerships and promotional deals with the food vendors inside the stadium and other nearby venues, and integrate with data and social providers. By becoming the hub of activity connecting into all of the various points that a Cardinals fan interacts with, Dan can ensure an optimized fan experience.

Collaborating and integrating across the business also has additional benefits. As former Home Depot CMO Trish Mueller told us, We have to spend time marketing marketing … we spend so much time worrying about how to market to the outside customer, we don’t spend the time inside the building socializing what we are doing and marketing the contribution that we are making and building respect.”

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