Silverpop - Tweetchat: Better Understand Your Customers with Digital Analytics
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Tweetchat: Better Understand Your Customers with Digital Analytics

by: Sarah Untiedt (@IBMforMarketing)
17 June 2016

For many years and even still today, analysts would spend hours crunching numbers from multiple data sources to understand how their websites were performing. The time, effort and expertise it takes to manage your company’s analytics have come a long way since then. Today the scenario is drastically different.

Digital analytics solutions provide real-time insights and have the power to combine online and offline data that help provide a complete picture of their customers across channels. Businesses no longer just need data, they need real-time, meaningful insights that ultimately help them provide the best customer experience that creates a positive revenue impact. So how has digital analytics evolved? Why is data becoming such a valuable resource? And why are more and more companies using analytics to make marketing decisions?

Join us for “Better Understand Your Customers with Digital Analytics,” a #NewWaytoEngage tweetchat on June 22, at 1PM EST.

The discussion, featuring Futurists Anne Ward and Stan Phelps, will cover how Digital Analytics has evolved and is still evolving, and why organizations are looking to data to help them drive exceptional customer experiences. Tweet using #NewWaytoEngage to join in!

For information and updates to our tweet chat series, follow us at @IBMforMarketing and our friends over at @ibmcommerce.

The following key questions will be covered:

  1. What does digital analytics mean to you?
  2. In the past, what was the role of digital analytics in the organization and how has that changed today?
  3. Why is it important to every organization now?
  4. What are some of the factors driving this rapid change?
  5. What are some of the data challenges faced by digital marketers?
  6. How does digital analytics help in bridging siloed data in the organization?
  7. What valuable insights should an ideal digital analytics solution provide?
  8. Is data growth a boon or a bane in digital marketing?
  9. What role has the multichannel customer played in this evolution?
  10. How do you visualize digital analytics evolving in the future?

Relevant Reading:

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2) Case Study: First Tennessee Bank

3) White Paper: “The Essential Guide to Choosing a Web Analytics Solution




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