Silverpop - Top 5 Most Popular Silverpop Videos of 2013
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Top 5 Most Popular Silverpop Videos of 2013

Ryan McNally
by: Ryan McNally (@RyanMcNally39)
24 December 2013

Video has become an increasingly popular tool for online learning, and in 2013 we produced our most marketing best practice videos to date. Here are our five most popular marketing tips videos of the year, based on number of views:

5) “iBeacon and the Next Generation of Location-Based Marketing” (Dave Walters)

What’s the next stage in location-based marketing? With mobile devices growing ever more sophisticated, Silverpop Product Strategist Dave Walters discusses how iBeacon technology will change the in-store shopping experience for consumers – and how smart companies will shift how they market to customers on location.

More on Location and Mobile Marketing:


4) “The New Preference Center” (Loren McDonald)

One of the banes of many marketers’ existence is the preference center. In this video, Silverpop Vice President of Industry Relations Loren McDonald talks about the importance of moving beyond what customers tell you (“explicit preferences”) and capturing what customers actually do (“implicit preferences”).

More on Preference Centers:


3) “Loyalty Program Tips: Moving Beyond the Discount” (Dave Walters)

Some businesses fall into a margin-cutting pattern of discounting just for the sake of discounting, especially when it comes to loyalty programs. In this video, Dave urges marketers to look for creative ways to differentiate their customers’ experience beyond just giving them a discount.

More on Loyalty Programs:


2) “Personalizing the Web Experience for Every Customer Through a CMS Integration” (Bryan Brown)

Are the days of the static website numbered? In this clip, Silverpop Vice President of Product Development Bryan Brown explains the power of having your website content reflect the same unique messaging you’re communicating to contacts through your personalized, dynamic emails.

More on Individualizing the Web Experience:


1) “Behavioral Marketing Defined” (Bryan Brown)

With buyers more empowered than ever, marketers must shift their processes and practices. Here, Bryan discusses how behavioral marketing automation enables marketers to use a contact’s behaviors as the reason for interacting with that person, leading to a more relevant, vastly improved customer experience. 

More on Behavioral Marketing:

For more marketing best practices videos, visit our “Marketing Tips and Trends” playlist on YouTube.


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