Silverpop - Top 5 Most Popular Silverpop Marketing Tips Videos of 2015
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Top 5 Most Popular Silverpop Marketing Tips Videos of 2015

Ryan McNally
by: Ryan McNally (@RyanMcNally39)
15 January 2016

When you’re looking for a few marketing ideas, sometimes there’s nothing better than kicking back and watching a video on the topic of your choosing. With that in mind, we produced more than 20 videos in 2015 covering a wide variety of digital marketing tips and trends.

Here are our five most-watched vids of 2015 — give ‘em a look and see if they prompt any new ideas for your future marketing initiatives!

5) “Rethinking How Mobile Push Notifications Fit into Your Marketing Strategy

Digital marketers are always looking for new ways to engage their most loyal customers. Here, Strategic Marketing Evangelist Dave Walters talks about you might use mobile push notifications to deliver relevant content to your best customers at exactly the right time.

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4) “Tips for Building Out an Unsubscribe Preference Center

Many companies simply say “thank you and goodbye” when someone clicks the unsubscribe link in their emails. See why VP of Industry Relations Loren McDonald advises routing these contacts to a page that makes it easy to opt out, but also provides compelling options for continuing the relationship.

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3) “Thinking About Customer Journey Mapping in Smaller Pieces

Where do you find your best customers, and what are your primary acquisition paths? In this video, Walters explains how you can think about customer journey mapping in a more focused way so the process doesn’t become overwhelming.

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2) “Taking Ownership of Your Marketing Data

Some marketing execs don’t pay a lot of mind to the details of their marketing database. According to Strategic Marketing Evangelist Ellen Valentine, though, it’s critical that they pay personal attention to the state of their data and put a plan in place to drive database growth.

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1) “Understanding the Customer Journey: An Overview

You've heard the buzzwords tossed around, but what exactly is a customer journey? In this video, Valentine provides an introduction to the topic and outlines why understanding the customer journey is important for achieving your marketing goals.

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