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Top 10 Most Popular Silverpop Blogs of 2014

Ryan McNally
by: Ryan McNally (@RyanMcNally39)
05 January 2015

From responsive design going mainstream to remarketing moving up the funnel, there were a ton of exciting developments in the digital marketing world in 2014. To help keep marketers informed of these trends and assist companies in delivering a more consistent, more rewarding customer experience across channels, Silverpop posted more than 125 blogs in 2014.

Here’s a look at our 10 most popular posts of 2014, based on number of page views. We hope they provide some food for thought as you’re contemplating how you might enhance your marketing programs in 2015!

10) “Will Your Digital Marketing Strategy Rock This Year? 3 Questions to Ask

Today’s digital marketers are facing a host of complex challenges – emerging technologies and channels, increased global competition, and the always-present request to do more with less. To help marketers understand how well equipped they are to deal with these challenges, Director of Sales Productivity Drew Prante draws inspiration from the music world.

9) “Simple Flat UI: Using Design Simplicity to Make Your Emails Stand Out

With so many promotional emails flooding customers’ inboxes, how can you cut through the clutter and grab your recipients’ attention? Senior Account Director Darryl Bolduc offers an answer sure to delight many a frustrated graphic designer: keep it simple. If you don’t know what Simple UI is – and how it can increase customer engagement – check out Darryl’s post.

8) “5 Steps to Optimize Your Content

Producing strong, shareworthy content is more important than ever, helping companies bring in net new leads, move prospects through the buying process and increase customer satisfaction. In this post, Marketing Evangelist Ellen Valentine explains how performing a thorough content audit can help make the year ahead your best ever, and offers five tips for getting the process right.

7) “Does Your Responsive Email ‘Stack Up’?

The need to optimize the customer experience across devices has led many marketing teams to re-examine their email templates. These additional coding requirements have led to new rewards as well as new challenges (e.g., broken table layouts). Here, Senior Email Specialist Harlan Cayetano outlines some responsive email coding best practices you can implement for improved rendering. 

6) “5 Approaches to Minimizing Unsubscribes

The growing fear of email subscriber churn is one of the industry’s best-kept secrets, with many marketers worried about how their acquisition efforts aren’t keeping up with subscriber churn. Here, VP of Industry Relations Loren McDonald offers some comforting news in the form of five surefire tips for building a more engaged and robust customer database.

5) “5 Ways to Enhance the Customer Journey

“How can we improve the customer experience?” was a question that was top of mind for many digital marketers in 2014 – and will continue to be in 2015. In this article, Valentine provides five helpful answers, highlighting critical stages in the customer journey and explaining how you can leverage marketing automation technology to ensure you’re creating that awesome customer experience. 

4) “7 Tactics to Generate Content for Automated Emails

Automated messages — abandoned cart emails, birthday messages and drip campaigns, for example — can add significant incremental revenue to an email program built on broadcast emails. But for many marketers, it’s tough to figure out where to find the content for these automated programs. To help the cause, McDonald offers seven tips for getting these programs off the ground.

3) “7 Tips for Designing Emails to Avoid Deliverability Issues

No matter how strong your content is, it’s tough to make an impact if your messages aren’t reaching the necessary inboxes. In this post, Senior Deliverability Specialist Brad Mimbs serves up seven tips that will help ensure you reach as many recipients as possible and that your content is rendering just the way you want it.

2) “10 Steps for Keeping Bad Addresses Out of Your Database

If you don't think you have a problem with bad addresses in your database, you might want to take a closer look. Ease of subscription, acquisition strategy and tactics, and your level of mobile friendliness can make you susceptible to user error and bad address bots. Use these 10 tactics to make your opt-in process more mistake-proof and enhance your email address validation process.

1) “5 Ideas for Adding ‘White Space’ to Your Emails” 

Every good designer knows that white space can make content more readable, but what does this have to do with your email messaging mix? In our most-viewed blog post of 2014, McDonald introduces the concept of “white space” emails – messages designed to interrupt your regular stream of promotional email with content intended to inform, educate and entertain. Check out his ideas for how you might use these emails to deepen and widen your bonds with customers.

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