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Top 10 Most Popular Silverpop Blog Posts of 2015

Ryan McNally
by: Ryan McNally (@RyanMcNally39)
07 January 2016

2015 is in the books and it was another exciting year for marketing, with increased employment of behavioral marketing, a heightened focus on the customer journey, and promising new cognitive and predictive technologies opening up tantalizing possibilities for how marketing might improve the customer experience.

To help marketers stay ahead of the curve and provide ideas for building stronger bonds with customers and prospects, we posted more than 125 blog entries in 2015. Here’s a rundown of our 10 most popular blog posts of 2015, based on number of page views. We hope they provide ideas and inspiration as you’re mapping out your digital marketing plans for 2016!

10) “3 Tips for Incorporating Social into Your Overall Marketing

Social’s role in digital marketing has been undergoing a subtle but serious shift in the last year or two. In this post, Strategic Marketing Evangelist Dave Walters discusses how the smartest marketers are thinking about social and offers three ways you might incorporate social into your future overall marketing efforts.

9) “5 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015 and Beyond

With some companies struggling to get the right marketing groundwork in place, organizations that figure out innovative ways to leverage technology and marketing trends will come out ahead. As you're planning your road map for 2016, Senior Vice President of Sales Todd McCormick offers up five marketing predictions from industry insiders to keep in mind.

8) “Infographic: Building the Optimal Transactional Email

The average transactional email drives twice the opens of other messages, yet many marketers miss the opportunity to take advantage of this engagement. To help the cause, Vice President of Industry Relations Loren McDonald and Graphic Designer John Yardley present this infographic showcasing what an ideal transactional email might look like.

7) “Mobile Apps 2.0: Keys to Improving the Customer Experience

With mobile engagement on the rise, how can you move your app to a “2.0” version that delivers continued value to your customers and provides a superior mobile (and overall) experience? In this post, Walters shares a few key tactics you can implement to enhance mobile app engagement and further integrate your app with your other marketing programs.

6) “Create Content That Engages Without Selling

Your customers aren’t always in the market to purchase, so if all they hear from you is “buy this,” can you blame them for tuning you out? To avoid this predicament, check out this post and get ideas for creating content that helps your contacts solve problems, buy better, and even find interesting things they wouldn’t have uncovered any other way.

5) “6 Ways to Collect the Date You Need to Enhance Your Marketing

If you want to turn your database frown upside down, don’t miss this post from Strategic Marketing Evangelist Ellen Valentine. Not only does it provide ideas for narrowing down what information you should be collecting, it also offers tactics you might use to increase the number of meaningful information fields you have about each record.

4) “Buyer Personas Is Not a Fancy Name for Segmentation

In the absence of direct buying insights, many marketers are forced to essentially “make up” marketing strategy, campaign, content and digital tactics. In this post, Valentine explains how developing buyer personas can help you avoid this scenario and create strategies and campaigns that truly resonate with your future buyers.

3) “4 Ways Your Marketing Team Needs to Evolve

Despite the need to deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience, many of today’s marketing departments remain poorly positioned to do so. In this article, Marketing Solutions Strategy Executive Bryan Brown shares four ways he recommends you look to transition your marketing department in the year ahead.

2) “2015 Email Benchmark Study: Key Takeaways and Suggested Tactics

How does your email program compare on engagement metrics, such as open rates and click-through rates? Check out this post and learn about the key findings from our “2015 Email Marketing Benchmark Study,” plus discover how you might diagnose issues with creative/design, offers and content, and deliverability and list hygiene.

1) “Mapping the Customer Journey: A New Vision for Digital Marketing

It’s become the hottest marketing buzzword of the year, but “customer journey” marketing is really the next step up the evolutionary ladder from lifecycle and 1:1 marketing. In this post, McDonald explains how mapping the customer journey can revolutionize your marketing program – and offers some tips to help get you started.

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