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The Smart Advice CMOs Are Listening to Now

by: Maria Winans (@MariaWinans)
06 June 2016

As CMOs, and like all strong leaders, we’re constantly thinking about how we could do things better. Disruption is the new normal, and we must step outside of our own thoughts and leadership circles to scan what other leaders are doing, thinking and saying. I think this quote by World Bank President Jim Yong Kim is well put: “One of the lessons of leadership worth emphasizing is that you want to get to know other great leaders and take their advice.”

In that spirit, and respecting your time, we offer you this brief Slideshare featuring top business leaders’ advice for CMOs in 2016. I won’t bias it by telling you my favorite because I’m sure you’ll see some that resonate with you professionally, and perhaps personally. Tweet me your favorite advice or join the discussion with #thinkCMO.


The slides also introduce you to the brilliant “Above the Clutter” web series in which top CMOs reveal how they’re shaping iconic brands. While fairly short (six to nine minutes each), the videos go deeper into how CMOs are thinking, operating and succeeding in 2016. I really encourage you to have a look:

More Ideas for Marketing Leaders:

1) White Paper: “The New CMO Guide: A Handbook for Marketing Leaders

2) Blog: “5 Ways to Become a Marketing Torchbearer

3) White Paper: “10 Key Marketing Trends and Ideas for Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences




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