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The Marketing Genome Project: The Marketer’s Database

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by: Eric Holmen (@eholmen)
07 May 2013

As discussed in my prior posts, the time for capturing billions of behaviors – anonymous and addressable – and synthesizing them into individualized marketing paths for each person is here. Among the chief challenges that marketers face in pursuing this goal is having data coming in to several, even dozens, of systems. It’s like a human genome scientist having pieces of my gene sequence spread out all over the lab – until it’s all together, you don’t have a full picture of “me.”

I believe marketers need their own database, and we call it the Marketer’s Database of Record (MDBR). It’s the place where the marketing team has complete influence and control, and it can use this database to experiment without risking harm to business-critical systems, such as e-commerce, CRM or ERP.

Here’s how it works. First, your MDBR captures all your contacts’ Web browsing behaviors. Second, it integrates with all your key systems — e-commerce, CRM, ERP, customer reviews and everything else that has a piece of genetic customer information. At Silverpop, we’re integrating with hundreds of such behavioral data sources, and through APIs we can literally integrate with anything to feed in more genetic customer material.

Most important, the MDBR needs to be connected to your interaction engine. You cannot thrive in the modern marketing world if you’re relying on exports and imports of customer lists and data. Your customers expect you to know who they are, in real time, and the faster and more articulate you are in every interaction, the greater your marketing advantage.

Once you begin feeding your MDBR with cross-channel data from contacts both known and anonymous, you’ll start developing an increasingly complete picture of each individual buyer’s interests and desires. As a result, you’ll likely find that the Marketer’s Database of Record quickly becomes one of your company’s most treasured assets.

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