Silverpop - The Marketer’s Genome Project: Multichannel Continuity
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The Marketer’s Genome Project: Multichannel Continuity

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by: Eric Holmen (@eholmen)
16 May 2013

If you’ve been keeping up with the Marketing Genome Project posts, you understand the importance of synthesizing the billions of pieces of “genetic” behaviors and interactions that make up the “self” of your customer.

The Internet is awesome for interactions, and so are tablets and mobile phones. And buyers know this – they are consuming your digital content and commerce on every device – sometimes at their work desktop, sometimes at their home desktop, and sometimes across all their mobile devices. And they’re sharing what they find.

All these channels are fantastic for buyers, but they’re killing marketers because they present new challenges: If you’re trying to identify an individual and all of his or her “genetic” behaviors, you’ve got to figure out how to synthesize all these sources into an individual picture.

This is where most marketers come up short. But with the right tactics and technology, you can make build multidimensional profiles of each prospect and customer in your database.

Start by always capturing anonymous data. At some point thereafter, the buyer will become addressable, either by giving you an email address or mobile phone number or signing in using social credentials.

So, you begin your interactions. And let’s say you know a contact’s behavior from his desktop Web browsing, but he opens an email on an iPad and clicks to the site. BAM! You can now connect all the anonymous browsing history from his iPad with the identity, address and browsing history from his other Web experiences.

Keep doing this across all devices and channels – you need to automate it, of course, and consider offering social sign-in and tracking sharing from your website. Eventually, you’ll be streaming behaviors from multiple channels to a single individual buyer. With the right tools, it really is easy — and it all happens in the background.

Synthesizing behaviors across channels is only part one of interacting with customers in a way that recognizes these actions. Now that you have this multiplatform, multichannel data, how do you provide a seamless experience so that when I visit you from my iPad later tonight, you don’t start to interact with me as if I’m a brand new, anonymous buyer?

Let’s say that you’ve integrated your CMS system with Silverpop, and we’re capturing all this multichannel buyer behavior and attributing it to a single individual. When that person hits your website from her work PC, you observe that she’s looking for a certain kind of product or solution, so your CMS and Silverpop automatically begin to tailor the site to help make this purchase easier, but for whatever reason, she doesn’t buy at that moment.

Later that night, she pulls up your site from her iPad, and you know it’s her because you connected the device profiles to her individual buyer record as I discussed earlier. So, instantly, you continue the experience with the product she was looking at, front and center. It’s seamless and appears clairvoyant to this buyer – this website was built for her, just for her, at that moment.

Likewise, the interactions you have via email or the conversations your sales team has with the buyer are all structured around the buyer’s current desires. It’s a seamless, continuous any-channel experience.

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