Silverpop - The Marketer’s Genome Project: Identity Starts with Anonymity
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The Marketer’s Genome Project: Identity Starts with Anonymity

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by: Eric Holmen (@eholmen)
05 April 2013

As I mentioned in my last post, “The Marketer’s Genome Project: The Benefit,” collectively our customers are capturing billions of buyer behaviors and using them to create automated, multichannel interactions with their customers and prospects.

There is a fundamental component to this: the individual.

All of this data must be synthesized down to an individual; otherwise, who are you interacting with?

Not surprisingly, most customer-business relationships begin with some level of anonymity, typically in the form of a person visiting your website. While you don’t know who they are, you’re trying to learn as much as you can about them through Web forms and sign-ups and new customer special offers.

Even before they reveal their identities, these anonymous browsers may return to your website and click around, exhibiting valuable behaviors. Are they on an iPad, Samsung Galaxy smartphone or a desktop PC? What search terms brought them to you? Which products or services are they reading about? Are they sharing that? Far too many marketers ignore this data at their own peril and assume that the relationship hasn’t begun until they have captured their first piece of addressable data – often an email address.

Silverpop captures anonymous visitor data, and then we sit on it. It might be days or weeks or a month, but at some point, those interested buyers who have been all over your site will suddenly give you a piece of addressable data, and when that happens we match that up with their prior browsing behavior so that the very first interaction with them looks – to the buyer – to be clairvoyant. “How did they know this is exactly what I’m looking for?”

The importance of buyer identity starts with anonymity.

There are sites that don’t allow you to browse or experience the benefits of their content without registering. This can create a poor customer experience and increases the likelihood of people providing false data since they’re forcing these potential buyers to share information without having first established a relationship.

And while this might give them a larger database to email offers to, it boosts the chances that they will send spam since they know so little about the buyer. In these cases, the identity itself is no different than anonymity. An address doesn’t occupy a person; a person with all of their behaviors and details, however, can occupy an address.

It’s up to the marketer to persuade buyers to provide addressable information, and with tools from Silverpop and our partners, we make this easier. And when you have the unfair advantage of knowing what these previously anonymous buyers’ behaviors say about who they are, you can be as relevant as possible, starting with that critical first interaction.

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