Silverpop - The Marketer’s Genome Project: Automated Interactions
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The Marketer’s Genome Project: Automated Interactions

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by: Eric Holmen (@eholmen)
21 May 2013

Here’s the challenge the marketer’s genome project presents, if you’ve been following these posts: billions of behaviors, any-channel interactions and connectivity, boatloads of content, and millions of individual purchase paths — all happening simultaneously.

The bad news is that this is impossible without a dimensional change.

The good news is that to get this level of personalization, you simply need to embrace automation.

This means you may never, ever again exclusively send “blast” email campaigns. Each buyer is on his or her own purchase path, and blasting creates noise and irrelevance despite the body of knowledge you’ve built about each customer’s desires.

Automation means that all the data and channel “genetic” behaviors are coming in and getting sorted and synthesized without the marketer doing anything other than plugging in the systems.

Automated interactions mean that your buyers are on a path to purchase that’s optimized every single second for every single buyer. You may, for example, set up a nurturing campaign that’s very different from old-school drip campaigns. Nurturing starts out with a hypothesis – “this buyer appears interested in Product X and prefers Content Y.”

As the buyer interacts (or doesn’t interact) with your email (or texts, or website), the nurture program evolves. It might accelerate if certain behaviors are observed, or it may “repath” toward other interests. The emails the buyer receives are precisely tailored to that individual, and when he or she visits the website, the images and offers are relevant to that person.

And when that individual sends and receive text messages, these are tailored to that specific buyer, and refined every single second of the day, all day and night. Sometimes, the automation engine is simply waiting and listening. Other times, it’s interacting and alerting.

Think of the volume and complexity of this. Old-school digital marketers would simply segment the data, export it out of one system and into another, and send everyone an email with a little bit of personalization. Maybe a “Dear First Name,” and for those that live near Chicago, a picture of the Chicago skyline.

The automated marketer employs a less manual, more sophisticated form of personalization – the system provides content aligned to behaviors, “listens” for new buyer actions, and responds automatically.

There’s no better way to get more personalized with behaviors than to automate at full any-channel-any-time scale.

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