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Bill Nussey, Silverpop
by: Bill Nussey (@bnussey)
04 June 2013

Today’s news about’s acquisition of ExactTarget presents an interesting choice to marketers. Acquiring a set of separate tools does promise a broad range of features from a single vendor, but it may not be the right answer for modern marketers. While creating a cluster of applications may have worked in the past for solutions like ERP and Manufacturing, technology has become much more advanced, and marketers have very different priorities than other departments within the same company. The marketing world is constantly shifting to align with the changing needs of customers and realities of the marketplace. The best marketing is about creating an amazing customer experience and, without a unified platform and a consolidated view of each customer, the experience will become too fragmented, just like the siloed applications driving them.

Silverpop gives marketers a very different choice. Our behavior-driven, unified platform lets marketers incorporate every imaginable customer touch point, regardless of system or vendor, into a single view. This allows companies to create relationships, in real time, one at a time — treating customers as individuals, not audiences. The choice Silverpop gives customers today — behavioral marketing automation — is considered by many experts to be the future of digital marketing and the customer experience. We are years ahead of the marketplace, and our customers (including many who use, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite and other CRM/SFA tools) have been benefitting from it for some time. And, as solutions from companies like become more complex and more diverse, Silverpop’s ability to unify separate applications to deliver a consistent digital identity for each customer becomes more valuable.  

Today’s news reminds marketers just how exciting and dynamic our world has become. and ExactTarget (as well as the many other companies has acquired) have increased the visibility and dialogue around the future of customer relationships, and marketers and vendors alike will benefit well into the future. 




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