Silverpop - Relationship Marketing 101: Nurturing Your Contacts (Video)
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Relationship Marketing 101: Nurturing Your Contacts (Video)

by: Stephen Dumas (@IBMforMarketing)
04 December 2015

In the early days of ecommerce, digital channels were used to drive traffic to the website, where most of the digital engagement happened. Wait, isn’t that what digital channels are supposed to do? Yes and no.

Yes, you ultimately you want your customers to convert using your ecommerce channel. But no, it’s not all about that, because today it’s a long way between that first paid ad impression and conversion. Consumers browse your competitors and the overall Web numerous times, perhaps engaging with your brand up to 50 times (!) before converting.

As a result, it’s no longer enough to just have a social presence, or to just send an email, or to just have an app. Today, those experiences need to be as meaningful and cohesive to your customers as when they click to your site. Here are two pieces of advice to help you better nurture your contacts:

1) Engage customers early without discounting.

Unless your entire model is centered on offering discounts, don’t lead with discount offers to get contacts to engage. You’re looking for longevity from your customers, so lead with VALUE. Why should they engage with your brand over all others? Tools such as optimized SEO, long-tail search phrases for paid ads, email, blogs and non-promotional social paid ads are great ways to cast a wide net using your unique brand promise as the bait.

2) Get personalization right between channels.

Personalization is a huge topic that’s been big for a while. Cross-channel personalization, though, means more than just dynamic content. It means providing the same experience across channels and devices. For many retailers, this level of personalization seems unattainable because it requires a lot more data, and tapping into and managing it is challenging.

The impact of having a positive customer engagement experience, though, can have long-term positive effects on a brand’s bottom line. Luckily, there are more technology solutions that make this cross-channel experience possible than ever before.

Learn more about how you can create more natural paths to purchases in this video:

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