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Put Data in the Driver’s Seat and Go High-Speed with Behavior-Driven Content

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by: Todd McCormick (@TMcCormick2011)
01 July 2013

In my last post, “4 Steps to Efficiently Manage Your Marketing Data,” I shared the ways in which marketing automation tools help merge your most revenue-critical data to create a centralized, real-time database that feeds super-personalized marketing campaigns. In this post, I discuss the true power of the behavioral automation engine — the ability to deliver individualized content based on the actions of your audience and anchored by the database described above.

Behavioral marketing enables you to move beyond communicating with large audience groups and instead have a unique online dialogue with each and every individual in which you speak to their personal interests, actions and preferences. By combining behavioral marketing with automation, you can engage customers in real time and across channels, providing them with relevant campaigns that are driven by analytics of their behaviors, preferences and profiles.

Here are three ways you can use behavior-driven segmentation, triggers and dynamic content to personalize content and lift engagement, increasing conversion rates.

1) Segment messages based on behaviors and characteristics. Begin unleashing the power of combining marketing automation and behaviors by grouping your prospects and customers together by commonalities, such as specific page visits and the time of day they visited. Once you’ve settled on groups, you can send relevant content to each based on the shared traits that you’ve set. 

For example, you might group contacts who have visited a specific page on your website and downloaded a white paper in the last month, and then send them a message that offers a call with a sales rep. By combining recipients’ actions with a time frame, you can increase message relevance.

2) Deliver automated messages triggered by actions. In addition to sending group messages to segments of your audience based on behavior, you can allow contact behaviors to drive immediate individual responses. For example, when a prospect or customer performs — or fails to perform — a certain action, such as viewing a video related to a guide he previously downloaded, your marketing automation platform can automatically send him a message to guide him further down the pipeline. Sending just the right message at just the right time mimics real-life communication, which builds trust.

3) Populate emails with dynamic content. Boost engagement, conversions and revenue by automatically basing email content on specific parameters. One highly effective way to do this is by creating dynamic content rule sets based on contact behaviors. Here are a few possibilities:

  • If the behavior = purchase, include images of recommended add-ons in the post-purchase email.
  • If the behavior = Webinar viewed, link to white papers related to that webinar in the post-viewing email.
  • If the behavior = viewing industry-specific Web page content, populate your newsletter with related industry-centric content.

Combining behaviors and automation provides you with a content approach in which you provide the most relevant messages and assets to prospects and customers, targeting them as individuals at all points of engagement, and at just the right time. The result? You deliver one-on-one communication experiences that better simulate how people connect in their daily lives.

To learn more about how you can applies these principles in a real-world setting, read how business consulting and technology group TekStream deployed a new behavior-driven marketing automation strategy and notched a 200 percent pipeline increase, 105 percent lead conversion boost and 75 percent revenue jump.

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