Silverpop - Pssst, Do You Have Any Warmed IP Addresses?
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Pssst, Do You Have Any Warmed IP Addresses?

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by: Jeff Dellapina (@IBMforMarketing)
22 March 2013

Every couple of months we get a request from a prospective client asking for a pre-warmed IP address. These prospects are typically looking to send as quickly as they can to their entire list without having to worry about getting whitelisted, building the IP reputation or ramping up the volume over time. What they don’t understand is that building the reputation of an IP address is something you can’t shortcut.

Like building your credit score, building your IP reputation takes time and effort. You build your credit score by making payments on time and paying down your debts. You build your IP reputation by sending to active openers/clickers, mailing appropriate volumes, and retaining good customer engagement by using tactics such as segmentation and dynamic content.

Silverpop helps you with this by ensuring that the appropriate volume is sent on a daily basis to AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail during the ramp-up whitelisting period.  It’s important to note that this is only a safety feature that will help to ensure that you don’t send to your entire database during the ramp-up period. If your segment should exceed the send volume for that day, any additional addresses will be suppressed.

How long it takes to ramp up, warm up and build your IP reputation is determined by the quality of your list, the relevance of the content and the activity of the recipients. For some it takes days, while for others it may take weeks because of what they are sending.

So yes, getting your IP address ramped up in volume with a good reputation takes times and effort, but these steps are vital to ensuring continued email success.

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