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Pre and Post-Webinar Marketing Like a Pro

by: Christine Proctor (@IBMforMarketing)
29 May 2013

In today’s business world, you can connect with customers and prospects all over the globe from the comfort of your own conference room. This modern-day luxury is made possible by interactive Webinar products, such as WebEx and GoToMeeting, that are equipped with slide sharing, video chatting and file downloads, as well as the ability to be recorded for future review.

While Webinar software makes it incredibly easy for hundreds of clients to sign up and attend your online meetings, they can just as easily forget the meeting, leave early or opt out at the last minute. Raise your “ROS” (return on slides) and attendee count by following the tips for pre- and post-Webinar marketing like a pro.


Who to Invite?

  • Current Clients: As your customers, your current client email lists will most likely yield the highest return from invitation to registrant to attendee. 
  • Leads: Inviting current leads to free and informative Webinar sessions about how to effectively use your product and/or solve common challenges shows them you have a strong customer-service focus that will hold true throughout your working relationship. (To effectively capture anonymous leads, check out “How to Turn an Anonymous Visitor into a Strong Lead.”)
  • Prospects: By inviting targeted possible prospects, you are demonstrating your company’s desire to educate and inform instead of solely churning out sales.  

Personalized Invites

Segment your invite list by recipient type. Have they attended one of your Webinars previously and are they currently a client?

  • Previously Attended, Client: Start with a subject line like, “We’d Love to Have You Join Us for Another Webinar …”
  • Previously Attended, Non-Client: Try, “Please Join Us for Another Webinar Session …” Also, consider alerting your sales team to personally follow up.
  • Has Not Attended, Client: In the subject line, start with a welcoming “We’d Love to Show You How to *generalized but valuable takeaway* in Our Next Webinar.”
  • Has Not Attended; Non-Client: Use an engaging but non-pushy subject line like, “We’d Love to Show You How Our Company Can Solve ‘xyz’ Within or Next Webinar.”

Invitation Contents

1) Description and Title

  • Webinar TitleWithin the title, clearly state what the Webinar is about as well as the date and time. 
  • Within the description, include details about duration (Q&A included), appropriate job function/level, relevant industries, level of content, which materials will be available after the session, and the main engaging takeaway from attending (grab them!).
  • For new attendees, offer a link to a popular Webinar on a general yet informative topic for them to try before signing up. This will allow them to learn more about your products and become familiar with the format of your Webinar

2) Visuals

  • Take the time to create an eye-catching, yet clean invitation with pictures, bulleted lists, logos, etc. Ask yourself, “Would I dial in?”

 Sample Webinar Invitation

3) Sending Schedule

  • Creating an automated program around your Webinar invitations and registration process allows you to send invitations, reminders and confirmations based on each invited guest’s behavior.
  • Using different email tracks for registered and non-registered invitees, as well as date opted in, will yield a higher attendee rate and allow you to see a detailed analysis of how your invitees respond to your messages.
  • Consider scheduling the initial send two to four weeks before to all invitees in your selected contact list. Send the second three to five days before (exclude those already registered) 
  • It’s best to send two reminders; one reminder a few days before (you may want to vary timing based on the individual’s registration date) and one the morning of. Be sure to change up the subject line accordingly to catch your registrant’s attention. 
  • Send confirmation initially after sign-up, including “Add to Calendar” and “Cancel” action calls 


  • Use banners and featured posts on your website/blog
  • Encourage employees to add registration links and banners to their email signatures
  • Remind your sales team to mention it to their relevant contacts
  • Feature a case study about a client that solved a problem/reached a goal using one of your previous Webinars; include information about the upcoming Webinar and how to sign up


Directly After

Send follow-up emails for attendees and non-attendees:

  • Attendees: “Thank you for attending …” message with related links.

Sample Webinar Post-Event Email 1

  • Non-Attendees: “Sorry you weren’t able to attend …” message with recording and slide materials, plus a registration link for the next Webinar similar to the one they missed

Sample Post-Webinar Email 2

1-2 Days Later

  • Post Webinar slides to Slideshare to continue the conversation with your attendees
  • Consider personally contacting attendees that demonstrated difficulties, such as trouble connecting, leaving unexpectedly or multiple questions.

In conclusion, Webinars are a powerful way to educate prospects, leads, and clients. Follow the tips above for marketing your Webinar like a pro, and you’ll increase your “Return on Slides.”

Silverpop offers integrations with the most popular Web conferencing software, making it easy to automate your Webinar marketing activities and drive higher ROI from each Webinar. Please contact us to learn more, and visit our Webinars page  for digital marketing tips.

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