Silverpop - Power Lift: 5 Gym-Inspired Ways to Improve Your Behavioral Marketing Intelligence (BMI)
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Power Lift: 5 Gym-Inspired Ways to Improve Your Behavioral Marketing Intelligence (BMI)

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by: Teri Andrews (@teri_andrews)
02 July 2013

In much the same way that gym enthusiasts calculate their BMI (body mass index) to gauge their level of fitness, track progress and measure themselves against national averages, marketers can calculate another form of BMI — Behavioral Marketing Intelligence — to assess the “health” of their targeted sales and marketing efforts.

Why rate your health? Because behavioral marketing campaigns are more than twice as effective than those with a one-size-fits-all approach, according to a study from the Network Advertising Initiative. Delivering targeted and personalized messages shows your customers you know exactly who they are and what they want.

Since consumers do more business with companies they like and trust, you need to know where you land on the Behavioral Marketing Intelligence maturity curve, and how you can increase your score. Here are five “exercises” to help you get in shape:

1) Know your goal weight. What are your behavioral marketing objectives? If you don’t already have an automated system in place, begin by determining exactly what goals you want to reach before selecting a vendor. If you’re already using an automated platform, getting clear about what you want to accomplish will help you decide if your objectives are being met, or if it’s time to shop around for another provider. Our ROI calculator can help you evaluate your current marketing plan and set manageable goals for the future. You can also check out these “4 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Your Marketing Automation Readiness.”

2) Hire an experienced personal trainer you like and trust. Find a marketing automation vendor that fits your company’s culture and that you can trust for the long term. Look for one that has the industry experience and knowledge to help you make intelligent decisions both early on and down the road. So, be sure to ask for examples of customer success stories that include hard numbers which back up their ROI claims. Plus, get information about their security practices and whether they have a dedicated team of experienced product consultants. A true partner will be happy to provide you with everything you need to create marketing campaigns that deliver the results you want.

3) Formulate a meal plan. A good personal trainer evaluates your diet and helps you determine exactly what you need to eat for your body type. Similarly, a quality partner will evaluate your content — the fuel of your marketing automation system — and help you create the most nutritious and engaging ingredients for your target audience. Often, this involves bringing in a knowledgeable services team to work with you to determine the best menu.

4) Develop an exercise regimen. This is where your vendor’s technology becomes particularly important. Your behavioral marketing automation system should help you develop an “editorial calendar” that responds to your target buyer personas, behaviors and lead scoring system. Leveraging the system to get the most out of your database will ensure that you communicate in the right ways and to the right individuals. Just like the manager at your local store knows your name and what you usually purchase, behavioral marketing offers personalization to your customers and prospects, but in an automated fashion. 

5. Measure results and adjust your routine. Good trainers continually measure and analyze their clients’ results (and waistlines) to evaluate when it’s time to switch routines. Similarly, marketing automation software analytics can tell you when your content has reached a plateau and needs a jumpstart. That’s the value of analytics — it takes guessing out of the equation, helping you to develop strategies that convert prospects to customers.

Behavioral marketing isn’t just the latest fad diet — it’s a new, better way of life for marketers. With the right personal trainer in your corner to help you create the most effective exercise routine and meal plan, your BMI will be off the charts in no time!

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