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Marketing Automation by the Numbers

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by: Ellen Valentine (@EllenValentine)
08 May 2013

It’s no secret to anyone reading this that the marketing world is moving at the speed of light – every day you come into work and are tasked with reaching your recipients in a massive database with individualized, targeted content. For many, marketing automation technology – combined with carefully thought out strategies and processes – is the answer. More than 75 percent of companies that implement marketing automation realize ROI within a year, and users of marketing automation are 32 percent more likely to grow faster than companies that aren’t, according to The Lenskold Group.

If those numbers aren’t convincing enough, take a look at the additional impressive metrics below to see how automation can improve your marketing efficiency and ROI.

1 Million New Fan Club Members
Silverpop client Dairy Queen used Share-to-Social, dynamic content and relational tables to customize its emails and encourage customers and fans to spread the word on Facebook. This campaign resulted in a 30 percent lift (1 million people!) in Blizzard Fan Club members.

Because buyers today are accessing emails and their social networks across a wide range of platforms, it’s clear marketers need to reach them when and where they want to be reached. With automation, it’s easier than ever to trigger a single message across multiple channels at the same time with the individuals’ interests in mind. If you already use automation in your marketing efforts, consider implementing the concept of behavioral triggers – incorporating actions individuals take across multiple channels into your communications with them. This will set your messages apart from the rest of the inbox clutter.

583 Percent ROI from a Cart Abandonment Program
TRX, an exercise equipment and training program company, launched its first cart abandonment program and saw 583% ROI in the first four months. TRX wanted to avoid hiring outside consultants and was able to not only drive this huge lift in ROI, but also click-through rates near 50 percent with automation technology.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C marketer, cart or browse abandonment is a simple way to boost revenue. As soon as someone abandons their shopping cart or a form, send a triggered email that reminds them to continue. If you’re encouraging someone to complete a purchase, consider giving them a small incentive. Even if the individual isn’t necessarily ready to complete the purchase at that time, the instant communication is keeping your brand top of mind.

4 Million New Records per Day
CARFAX adds 4 million new records to its database each day. While that kind of database growth might be a lofty goal for your organization, how they got to that point is a reasonable goal for all marketing departments. Using relational tables to send automated emails to both dealers and consumers with timely updates on cars they were interested in increased brand satisfaction and awareness—bringing new people into the database every day.

In addition to acquiring new recipients, automation helps set up programs designed to enhance the customer experience after the initial purchase or registration. Remember, the best customers are the ones you keep! Send post-purchase messages with tips for getting the most out of your product or purchase anniversary notes with special discounts. You could also consider implementing a scoring model to identify your most engaged customers and reward them for their brand advocacy. All of this happens with automation.

Marketers who stick to the standard one-size-fits-all batch and blast will unfortunately get left behind. Instead of marketing to one audience of thousands, begin marketing to thousands of audiences of one. Marketing automation technology can make this happen. Whether you’re just getting started with automation or you’re a seasoned pro looking to get more out of the platform, remember to take things step by step. Implement one tactic at a time and figure out what works best for your business’ needs.

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