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Blog Posts by Jeff Dellapina

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  • DMARC: What It Means for Brand Integrity and Email Deliverability

    So, what’s your excuse? OK, I guess I should have explained the importance of DMARC before asking you about excuses. I’m quirky that way. Before everyone offers explanations about being[...]

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  • What's Your Address?

    What does your business mean to your community? Is the building name, town or ZIP code impactful to you and your clients? What about your house address? Even in today’s increasingly[...]

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  • Blocked Prefixes and Email Deliverability: What Marketers Should Know

    “Why can’t I send to certain mailboxes regardless of the domain?” Clients having difficulty getting messages delivered to addresses such as “,” “” or[...]

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  • New Domains Are Coming: 2 Steps Marketers Should Take

    Seen anything different lately in your database? As a good marketer, you should be periodically checking email addresses as they get added to your list. If you have, you may have noticed[...]

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  • Feedback Loops: What They Are and What They Tell You About Your Email Program

    Our deliverability team frequently gets questions regarding feedback loops. So, I thought I’d use this post to explain what feedback loops are, what they tell you about your customers, and[...]

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  • 3 Quick Tips for Changing Your “From” or “Sending” Domain

    It seems every month someone on our deliverability team fields a question about changing the “From” domain used in a mailing. We’re asked if there will be any deliverability impact and if[...]

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  • Spam Traps: Here, There, Everywhere!

    In a recent blog post, Return Path announced that Spamcop has turned on some new spam traps, discussed Spamcop’s decision to implement this change, and offered suggestions for getting lifted[...]

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  • 3 Opt-In and Opt-Out Deliverability Tips

    Recently, there have been a few interesting developments and trends that have emerged in the email deliverability world regarding opt-in and opt-out processes. Here three related deliverability[...]

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  • What Factors Can Impact Email Message Delivery Times?

    When we hit “send” on an email to a friend or family member, we’re used to the message being delivered within a minute or so. In the marketing world, where the number of email recipients[...]

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  • Yahoo Is Releasing Inactive Yahoo IDs: What It Means for Marketers

    Yahoo recently announced that it’s releasing old and inactive Yahoo IDs and their matching email addresses. As a result, Yahoo users that have not logged in for 12 months will lose their[...]

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  • Pssst, Do You Have Any Warmed IP Addresses?

    Every couple of months we get a request from a prospective client asking for a pre-warmed IP address. These prospects are typically looking to send as quickly as they can to their entire[...]

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