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Infographic: Summer Movies and Social Media

by: Dave Walters (@_DaveWalters)
19 September 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio and The Great GatsbyFrom Great Gatsby to Grown Ups 2 and Man of Steel to Monsters University, the 2013 summer box office was packed with the usual mix of big-budget action extravaganzas, outrageous comedies and family fare – with the occasional Oscar contender thrown in for good measure.

Despite the rise of rival entertainment sources, people are more passionate about summer movies than ever, with the 2013 crop of films breaking box-office records. Me, I’m still partial to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and, if you want to go all old-school, Ernest Goes to Camp.

Of course, back when Jim Karney was cranking out the Ernest films, social forums weren’t available for fans to debate whether Ernest Goes to Camp, Ernest Saves Christmas or Ernest Goes to Jail was the crowning jewel in the series. But today, people are expressing their opinions about movies all over social networks, “liking” films, Tweeting pithy commentaries and posting lengthy rants – see the recent uproar over Ben Affleck’s casting in the new Batman vs. Superman movie.

Before we head into the fall and Oscar season, we thought it would be fun to look at the interaction between social media and movies to see how all this cinematic chatter is playing out. So, we monitored 45 summer movies’ social media pages, from the biggest studio films to the smallest independents. And we also followed the Twitter accounts for those films’ stars.

Check out the results below, but be warned: As Ernest once said, “It might get a little rowdy, and it might be an ugly thing to watch.”

Summer Movies and Social Media Infographic

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