Silverpop - Infographic: 4 Key Differences Between Customer Journeys and Campaigns
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Infographic: 4 Key Differences Between Customer Journeys and Campaigns

by: Michael Trapani (@ThatsLogical)
23 June 2016

Your call is important to us. Your estimated wait time is… three hours.

Remember when one of the biggest customer experience concerns was a person waiting (miserably) on hold? To get a better understanding of how customers were feeling and reduce call times, new “customer journeys” were built.

These journey maps included possible reasons customers were calling, what steps they might have taken before making the call, and the previous experience with the brand. Not only did building customer journeys cut down on call times, but understanding them helped support teams create a better customer experience.

It turns out, this first incarnation has come to represent something bigger – journeys that can apply to the entire customer lifecycle. Marketers, sellers and other personnel could use them to identify gaps in the customer lifecycle and create a more complete brand experience.

Today, many marketers are making a transition from a campaign-centric to a customer-centric strategy, finding the same value in creating a full view of their customers’ journeys. As with any new trend, questions have emerged. What’s the difference between a customer journey and campaign? Who are they for? And what is uniquely important about each? To help guide marketers through these questions, we built an infographic that highlights the differences and unique benefits of each.

Campaigns vs. Customer Journeys infographic

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