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Blog Posts by Heather Simerly

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Heather works closely with Silverpop’s many partners, including technology partners, consulting partners and agency partners, to develop joint related offerings that help Silverpop meet and exceed the unique needs of today’s digital marketers.

  • What Nobody Tells You About A/B Subject Line Testing

    Have you ever wondered why some subject lines grab readers’ attention while others fall flat? As a marketer, you surely do! This month, we’re excited to have business partner Three Deep[...]

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  • Guest Expert: Whereoware’s Dan Caro on Optimizing the Customer Journey

    Customer journey is a topic that resonated through many sessions at this year’s IBM Amplify conference. This month, we’re excited to have long-time partner Whereoware give us its perspective[...]

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  • Guest Expert: Magnolia’s Dominik Steinacher on 5 Ways to Use Content to Create Leads and Increase Sales

    How relevant is the content you provide to your customers? How much impact does your content have on your overall business model? These two questions should be on the mind of all savvy digital[...]

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  • Guest Expert: Hootsuite’s Kevin Zellmer on 4 Steps to Effective Social Media Measurement and Attribution

    The power and influence of social has grown to new heights in recent years. Having a social presence has almost become a prerequisite for most businesses, but is it enough just to create[...]

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  • Guest Blog: Janrain on How Social Login Drives Customer Insight and Engagement

    Website conversion is something marketers are constantly thinking about, and so this month we’re pleased to have Bill Piwonka (@bpiwonka), vice president of marketing for Silverpop partner[...]

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  • 7 Marketing Tips from Our Partners at Amplify 2012

    At this year’s Amplify 2012 customer conference, we not only had our biggest client attendance to date, but also had our strongest partner participation ever, with 15 partners presenting[...]

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