Silverpop - How to Turn an Anonymous Visitor Into a Strong Lead: Use the Right Bait!
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How to Turn an Anonymous Visitor Into a Strong Lead: Use the Right Bait!

by: Christine Proctor (@IBMforMarketing)
11 April 2013

If you’re like most marketers these days, you’ve launched a new redesign of your website, set up your Facebook page and started scheduling your Tweets. You’ve also installed a Web tracking system to see how many visits you receive to your site. The goal is always to make those numbers go up because more visitors equal more sales, right?

Well, not exactly. Even if your number of website visitors continues to increase, this will not always correlate to sales. Prospective customers visiting your website must be presented with a solution compatible and consistent with their company’s objectives.

Without the right prospect analytics, marketers resemble the fisherman who spends all day with a baited line amongst schools of fish, yet fails to catch any of them. Although he knows where to locate and coexist with schools of fish, his bait is not right to yield any bites.

With the latest Web tracking software, companies can see who is looking at their site, what pages they are visiting, and how often without those people filling out a form. Visitor Insight from Silverpop, for example, allows you to see what type of “bait” your customers are most interested in consuming even if they don’t opt in and subscribe.

Once you’ve gathered your most promising prospects, use these tips to turn anonymous visitors into a warm lead:

1) Spotlight your product offerings to a target industry. Build dynamic content rules into your website so different content is served up for different industry visitors. For example, let’s say that a food service company sees that an organic restaurant chain is spending time on its website. When someone from that chain returns to the website, the marketing platform recognizes this and serves up a custom piece of content via the dynamic slot on the website – perhaps a video or PDF download spotlighting the benefits of the food service company’s organic food line. By serving up such industry-specific content, lead generation and nurturing are enhanced.

2) Promote segmented solutions. Perhaps a company is spending time looking at a specific area or product offering on your site. This could be the result of an issue or problem within their operations. For example, let’s say a beverage company is frequently looking at a bottling company’s “durable” line. The beverage company might be looking for a solution to its reputation for unreliable packaging. Advanced Web tracking software, such as Visitor Insight, would allow the bottling company to see this specific activity and follow up with a sales call where the sales executive asks the prospective customer, “Have you heard about our disposable and surprisingly durable bottles?”

3) Celebrate diversity. Perhaps your site is receiving visitors from companies of all different sizes. Try segmenting your site so that you can effectively cater to all potential customers. For example, a sand company sees high activity from a school system, a local construction company, and the state government. In order to effectively convert visitors into leads, create easy-to-navigate “paths” of content on your site that describes how your business works with each type of customer.

4) Gauge your next move. Suppose a certain visitor has spent multiple days researching, reading case studies, and even watching your product demo videos. You don’t understand why they haven’t contacted you — or better yet, bought anything! Use the analytics about which pages they have visited and how often to see how you may enhance their experience by delivering richer content. Based on what pages they have visited – and how often – put your best bait forward and serve up a Webinar invite, white paper download or product demo on your website to help move them through the funnel.

Conclusion: Just like the man surrounded by fish but no bites, your business can have millions of website visitors per day, but you won’t generate leads if your marketing and sales content do not match your customers’ needs. Instead, you’ll be left with high traffic, no action and confused C-levels execs. Web tracking software allows you to see who your visitors are and what they are spending time looking at. You can use these analytics to organize your site, customize content or efficiently contact these “anonymous” visitors to turn them into leads.

With Visitor Insight from Silverpop, you’re able to track outside activity on your company’s website. This app for Engage allows you to see which companies are viewing your site, which pages they’re spending their time on, what they’re clicking on and where they’re located. For more information, visit Silverpop’s web-tracking solutions page for Visitor Insight.

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