Silverpop - How Marketers Are Breaking Down Barriers to Growth
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How Marketers Are Breaking Down Barriers to Growth

by: Chris Wong (@fighton_cwong)
17 May 2016

Hello from Tampa, where I’m spending this week at IBM Amplify 2016 engaging with our innovative clients, distinguished business partners and other forward-thinking marketing professionals to “Outthink Ordinary.”

What do I mean by outthinking ordinary? Yesterday I had the honor of unveiling the latest enhancements to our IBM Marketing Solutions portfolio. I’m incredibly thrilled about three new capabilities that will help you and your teams quickly, easily and effectively deploy extraordinary marketing strategies. Here's a brief recap of each:

1) Streamline marketing execution to deliver superior customer experiences.

Marketing must keep pace with the speed at which customer behaviors and expectations change, and brands must be able to respond quickly with relevant messaging as the customer engages across multiple channels. Available starting on June 16, 2016, the latest release of IBM Marketing Software (Version 10) empowers marketers by unifying our portfolio with a modern user interface and productized integrations for collaboratively designing end-to-end marketing from customer journey, to offer and campaign management, to digital execution and tracking.

Our software portfolio now delivers enhanced ease of use through an updated user interface that streamlines both the design and user experience. It also delivers direct integrations between IBM Campaign and IBM Marketing Cloud, including IBM Journey Designer, that enable the marker to design, manage, execute and automate marketing strategies and campaigns within a single, integrated, end-to-end process. These integrations are based on an open, shared data platform with a bi-directional information exchange that unifies the lifecycle marketing process. IBM Marketing Software delivers relevant omni-channel customer experiences, creates and manages offers and campaigns, executes inbox, mobile SMS and push message delivery, and delivers robust cognitive insights into performance and optimization.

IBM Marketing Software now has multiple deployment options including IBM private cloud. Plan your upgrade to the latest version of the IBM Marketing Software as soon as it releases on June 16, 2016. (Learn more: "Unified Design and Integration Empower End-to-End Marketing.")

2) Test and deliver optimized and personalized content to every individual.

Studies show that highly relevant content drives deeper customer engagement and higher conversion rates. Using the newly announced IBM Marketing Cloud Real-Time Personalization solution, marketers will be able to test and deliver optimal content tailored to each individual, across multiple channels, in real time. Content optimization is based on a complete contextual view of the customer, including insight into their most valuable interactions and real-time behaviors.

IBM Marketing Cloud Real-Time Personalization complements IBM Interact, our existing and best-in-class, real-time personalization solution, by enabling marketers focused specifically on digital channels to quickly deploy optimal content that enhances the customer experience. IBM Interact (available on-premise or in a private cloud deployment) provides highly sophisticated personalization capabilities but requires more extensive resources and enterprise coordination. Our newest offering is made for the marketer requiring minimal resources, enabling quick time to market and rapid return on investment in an easy-to-use, cloud-based application.

With this new real-time personalization offering, marketers will be able to:

  • Use rules-based content targeting based on journey stage, personas or customer behavior for a highly personalized experience.
  • Incorporate real-time A/B/n testing capabilities to optimize content across digital channels.
  • Speed time to ROI with an easy-to-use, fast to deploy, cloud-based application.
  • Leverage Cognitive Rules Advisor, which employs cognitive technology to suggest rules and predict how much each suggestion will improve your results.

Stay tuned for the public release in the second half of 2016.

3) Better understand marketing performance and take immediate action to drive business impact.

Managing marketing performance can be difficult and complicated, impacting how fast and accurately marketers can make decisions to fine-tune their marketing approach or discover best practices to replicate success.

Our new offering, IBM Performance Insights, is an enhanced reporting and analytical capability that brings new and innovative ways of understanding marketing performance and business impact to the IBM Marketing Cloud. IBM Performance Insights uses an innovative timeline feature to help you track the progress of your activities and uses goals, alerts and notifications to draw your attention to the specific areas that need further analysis. IBM Performance Insights helps marketers make sense of the tactical data and make better decisions faster by:

  • Consolidating first- and third-party (owned, earned, paid, digital and offline, cloud and on-premise) data across the organization to provide new information and insight — in keeping with IBM’s open platform strategy and using our Universal Behavior Exchange technology
  • Providing marketers with context of performance using internal and external benchmarks, projections and progress to goals.
  • Creating new statistical and analytical observations and insights for marketers to improve performance on-the-fly and for the future.

We’ll begin a beta of this offering in the third quarter with a phased rollout through the end of 2016.

Smarter Decisions. Stronger Relationships

We’re focused on helping our clients make smarter decisions that ultimately help them form stronger relationships with their customers and prospects. For more details on all of these announcements, I encourage you to watch our Amplify marketing keynote.

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