Silverpop - Guest Expert: Whereoware’s Dan Caro on Optimizing the Customer Journey
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Guest Expert: Whereoware’s Dan Caro on Optimizing the Customer Journey

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by: Heather Simerly (@IBMforMarketing)
21 June 2016

Customer journey is a topic that resonated through many sessions at this year’s IBM Amplify conference. This month, we’re excited to have long-time partner Whereoware give us its perspective on how to optimize the buyer journey, in particular how retail client Mud Pie achieved an optimized omnichannel customer journey.

Dan CaroThis was my sixth year in a row attending the Amplify conference, and Amplify 2016 didn’t disappoint. I saw a lot of old friends at networking sessions and met new contacts, many who were all too happy to rock Whereoware’s #geekchic glasses (see the evidence on Twitter – @Whereoware).

Not surprisingly, optimizing the customer journey was a major conference theme.  We’re all striving to use data to understand our customers’ interests and challenges, so we can send compelling, relevant messages and promotions. It’s hard enough to get our customers’ attention on one channel, but now we have to capture and analyze data across multiple touchpoints – our website, mobile, emails, paid ads, social and more.   

Optimizing the customer journey is overwhelming, but completely achievable (especially with powerful automation tools like the IBM Marketing Cloud in our back pockets).

Today, I’ll demonstrate how we continue to optimize the customer journey and how you can do the same. (Cough - I’m also giving a webinar on “Simplifying the IBM Marketing Cloud Roadmap” on June 22. Get all the details below.)

Optimizing an Omnichannel Journey – the Mud Pie story

Mud Pie is a B2B + B2C retailer of trendy and seasonal baby clothes, women's apparel, gifts, home décor, and more.

For years, Mud Pie has employed sophisticated marketing tactics, tracking customer activity in their emails and on their website to send targeted, behavior-based emails.

In 2015, we redesigned Mud Pie’s website on WOWCommerce, a customizable ecommerce platform powered to serve personalized content. Now Mud Pie’s website serves up the same personalized content as their emails – displaying persona-based messaging, images and promotions tailored to individual site visitors. The site is integrated with IBM Marketing Cloud, so all activity captured on the website is used to personalize email campaigns, and vice versa. This combination of website and email personalization increased revenue 120 percent. (Get the full Mud Pie personalized website story here.)

Recently, we employed two additional IBM Marketing Cloud tools (Digital Analytics and Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX) to help Mud Pie deliver an even more personal experience. Digital Analytics gathers rich behavioral data in real time, while UBX shares that data with IBM Marketing Cloud, making it immediately actionable. 

For example, Mud Pie now sends abandoned cart and browse abandonment campaigns within an hour and search abandonment campaigns within one day of abandonment. By delivering this targeted, relevant message immediately following action, we’ve seen:

  • 47% open rate and 32% click-through rates for cart abandoners
  • 54% open rate and 31% click-through rates for browse abandoners
  • 38% open rate and 28% click-through rate for search abandoners. 

Taking Your Marketing to the Next Level

To get started, first take time to develop user personas (fictional representations of your core audience segments). Then, identify the actionable behaviors you expect from each persona, so you can recognize anonymous visitors and categorize them within a persona.

For Mud Pie, for example, if a customer opens an email promoting baby clothes and then browses baby gift product pages on their website, they can confidently categorize that person within the Baby persona.

Next, you’ll want to map each persona’s customer journey to pinpoint the best way to reach every customer with the right message at the exact time it’s likely to make an impact.

Integrating your digital marketing platform with your website CMS makes it easy to capture behavior on both the website and email side. Adding additional tools, such as Digital Analytics and UBX, offers even richer data to understand customers’ activity and take action.

But Wait, There’s More

I’ll talk in more detail about each of the tools, including Digital Analytics, UBX, Journey Designer, Journey Analytics, and more at my webinar “Simplifying the IBM Marketing Cloud Roadmap” on Wednesday, June 22 at 11:30 a.m. EST.  Make sure you save your spot for the webinar.

If you have any questions in the meantime, reach me on Twitter @dcaro12.

Whereoware is a digital agency with 16-plus years of experience building websites, crafting mobile applications, creating emails, and getting results with data integrations. As the 2015 IBM Beacon Award winner and Silverpop’s Partner of the Year in 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2015, Whereoware maximizes IBM technology executing innovative omnichannel campaigns.

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