Silverpop - Guest Expert: Vidcaster’s Kieran Farr on the State of Video Marketing in 2015 (Infographic)
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Guest Expert: Vidcaster’s Kieran Farr on the State of Video Marketing in 2015 (Infographic)

by: Todd Snow (@IBMforMarketing)
20 August 2015

The interest in incorporating videos within digital marketing has reached an all-time high. Many marketers are realizing the depth and power of video and making it a practice to implement said videos into their external communications and content. Are you incorporating video into your company’s marketing strategy? If so, are you maximizing the ROI coming from your video? Or are you seeing a lack of engagement and conversions?

We’re excited to have Kieran Farr, CEO of Silverpop partner Vidcaster, share his thoughts and an insightful infographic on the current state of video marketing.

Kierann Farr, VidcasterWe’re a little more than halfway through 2015, which means there’s still plenty of time to make it the year of video results.” Video viewing is exploding across social media as Facebook and Twitter successfully launched native video in their app. Social media is transforming video as we speak, but these platforms remain brand-building/traffic-driving channels.

The growth of video on social still doesn’t solve the problems of most marketers: converting website visitors to leads.

According to the Content Marketing Institute B2C 2015 Benchmarks Report, converting website visitors to leads is the No. 1 priority of 2015. Have you made that this year’s top priority?

Because if you aren’t using video to achieve this result, you are behind. From that same report, 71 percent of B2C marketers believe video has the highest conversion rate.

Video doesn’t just live on your social channels, it lives on your site, within your nurture campaigns, and in your sales process. Leveraging the power of video throughout your marketing strategy is imperative to maximizing the ROI of your video efforts.

Below, we’ve compiled a snapshot of all the relevant video stats from the aforementioned report and other resources and created an infographic for you. You’ll see how your peers use video in their own strategy. We challenge you to go beyond what your peers are doing because you should always strive to outperform your competition.

State of Video Marketing infographic

Vidcaster provides an out-of-the-box solution for implementing and managing video experiences. In one simple interface, you have everything needed for video marketing and training. Use Vidcaster to host, manage, enrich, distribute and measure your video strategy. Its integration with Silverpop turns video into a seamless part of your scoring and nurturing activities.

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