Silverpop - Guest Expert: Rachael Royds of Genesys on How Marketers Can Hit a Home Run with Proactive Communications
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Guest Expert: Rachael Royds of Genesys on How Marketers Can Hit a Home Run with Proactive Communications

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
21 May 2015

Enhancing the customer experience is becoming one of the top priorities for marketers today. When crafting your marketing communications, are you one step ahead of your customers? Are you proactively taking the time to acknowledge your customers’ needs and desires and acting accordingly? Or are you falling behind the times and missing crucial opportunities to help your company stand out above the competition?

We’re excited to have Rachael Royds, senior manager of social media marketing at Silverpop partner Genesys, share her insights on how you can integrate your call center into your overall omnichannel communication strategy to create a better customer experience, leading to greater sales opportunities.

Rachel RoydsSpringtime and early summer means one thing for many of us — no, not yard work and pollen, but baseball. I have a mixed relationship with the game, as low-scoring games can go on and on without any real action, but then spike in excitement with a walk-off home run. Customer relationships are very similar. You have a game plan and players in place in hopes of winning the game against your competitors, but there can be long periods of moderate engagement before the big sale.

In your arsenal of marketing tools, proactive communications are proven to enhance the customer experience and positively impact the customer lifecycle from start to end. These proactive communications can be used across channels, including email, outbound IVR, text message and push notification. Marketers can take advantage of proactive communication capabilities to acquire, engage, grow and nurture customer relationships throughout the lifecycle. 

Let’s look at some of the proactive engagement methods involving your call center that marketers can use to keep advancing your customers “around the bases” and win the game.

First Base: Once marketing acquires a customer, a new phase of the journey begins. Create a good first impression with onboarding campaigns that ask new contacts for their communication preferences, such as receiving marketing offers via email, bill notifications via text messages, and order status updates and appointment reminders via automated voice calls.

The cable industry has a horrible reputation of keeping customers waiting around all day for their installation, but with proactive communications, either an email or text message can be sent with real-time accuracy of the technician’s timetable, starting the relationship off on the right foot. 

Two-thirds of customers welcome receiving timely messages and reminders from companies they do business with. Proactive communications can effectively demonstrate to a new customer that they’ve made the right choice.

Second base: Once you’ve established an on-base relationship with your customers and as you head for second base, you build loyalty by ensuring you engage with them with the right message, at the right time, on the right channel. You can continue to provide a superior experience to existing customers by identifying and anticipating customer needs and issues, which are keys to success in the customer journey.

There are many examples of companies across industries sending proactive communications, including available upgrades, promotional offers, status updates and program enrollment confirmations. Proactive communications is one tool companies can implement to keep customers from going to a competitor.

Third base: By this time, you’re engaging consistently with your customers and delivering proactive notifications to build their loyalty. But what about customer service? This isn’t an area most marketers think about, but all brand interactions are experienced by the customer. Proactive communications can help with decreasing the number of calls into your call center. Notifications can include emergency alerts, service downtime notifications, payment reminders and fraud alerts. Instead of the customer making calls to you for information, you’re being proactive and anticipating their every need. Proactive messages put you on the path to slide into home.

Home plate:  By the time you make your way to home plate, you’re driving customer responses with cross-channel NPS surveys via text messaging, mobile website engagement, and of course email. You’re scoring by closing the loop with detractors, reaching out to them in real time after negative experiences. You’re placing out a dialer call that connects the customer to a live agent every time, while giving a personal touch to the customer to solve their problem. Winning the game means effectively engaging with customers and having the tools to respond quickly, in order to drive home loyalty.

Whether it’s baseball or proactive communications, it’s all about making the right call. Done right, a proactive customer engagement program strengthens relationships, reduces unnecessary inbound inquiries, and increases customer loyalty throughout their lifecycle.   

Most organizations lack the expertise to create and implement proactive communications completely in-house – so ensure you align with partners, like Genesys, who can help provide the strategic and consulting services to design and execute a strategy for success. Genesys is a leading provider of contact center solutions and omnichannel customer experiences. Contact Genesys today to take your customer experience to the next level.

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