Silverpop - Guest Expert: Opt-Intelligence’s Joe Broumand on List Growth 102 and the 6 T’s of Opt-In Advertising
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Guest Expert: Opt-Intelligence’s Joe Broumand on List Growth 102 and the 6 T’s of Opt-In Advertising

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
23 June 2015

How can I best add new contacts to our database? With the pressure on marketers to combat list churn and increase revenue, many digital marketers have to answer that question for their respective companies. Producing relevant content, prominently positioning your opt-in and providing an enticing “email magnet” can help you maximize database growth on your website, but where else can you target your marketing to increase your email subscribers? 

We’re excited to have Joe Broumand, chief executive officer at Silverpop partner Opt-Intelligence, share his insights on how you can increase your email lists via opt-in advertising.

Joe Broumand, Opt-IntelligenceWhen it comes to growing your email list, the visitors to your website and offline interactions with your customers are both vital to success. The good news is that there are many excellent ways to turn those customers into new subscribers – your site is already speckled with registration forms, and you may be using strategies like online quizzes and point-of-purchase invitations.

However, that is where the “list growth” discussion usually ends, and that is why most email marketers are dissatisfied with their list growth results. You’re inviting your website visitors and paying customers to join your email list, but what about everyone else? One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to grow your list is to give people the ability to subscribe without making them come to you. This strategy is called “opt-in advertising,” and it works well for businesses of all sizes.

Opt-in advertising is accomplished by displaying your opt-in invitation to audiences on hundreds of participating websites and mobile apps. With opt-in advertising, you typically pay only for each new-to-file, valid subscriber who elects to sign up for your list. When done right, the tactic can generate new subscribers who convert to paying customers at the same rate as new sign-ups on your website, but it’s easy to make mistakes.

At Opt-Intelligence we recommend six golden rules, or “The 6 T’s” as we call them, which you should always be sure to follow when implementing an opt-in advertising strategy.

The 6 T's of opt-in advertising are:

1) Transparency

It is very important that you know exactly where your opt-in invitation is being shown at all times. You should ask for a “source ID” with every single subscriber you generate.

2) Target

Define who will see your invitation. If your business is local, make sure you reach only potential subscribers in the relevant ZIP codes. Decide if you want both males and females and what age range is most likely to be your customer. One of the best things about opt-in advertising is that you ONLY pay for a subscriber who WANTS to be on your list; however, targeting can help you maximize opt-ins from your best customer segments.

3) Tailor

Know your audience, and tailor your invitation to that audience. For example, you may want to display a different version of your invitation to males versus females. Most importantly, if you’re honest and straightforward in your copy, you’re more likely to attract subscribers who really want what you have to offer.

4) Test

It’s important to start off any new list growth campaign slowly. Limit the number of subscribers you will accept per day. A testing phase will give you time to evaluate your results. You’ll most likely need to refine your targeting and tailoring before subscriber performance is similar to what you can achieve with your own website.

5) Track

Never stop measuring the performance of all subscribers you generate from all of your list growth initiatives. Your opt-in advertising provider may offer automated tracking tools, so be sure to ask. Silverpop can also help with tools to measure and track engagement from your new subscribers.

6) Tend

None of the above will matter much if you don’t nurture these new subscribers, and that’s why you should place contacts in a multi-message welcome series or onboarding program.

Opt-in advertising works great if you know what you’re doing and have a program in place to help you nurture your new subscribers. If you follow the 6 T’s, you’ll be using opt-in advertising like a champ in no time.

Opt-Intelligence powers email list growth for the world’s leading email marketers. The business selects its desired consumer demographics and geographic targeting, and Opt-Intelligence display opt-in invitations to these targeted audiences on hundreds of premium websites and mobile apps. New subscribers are seamlessly added to the business’s Silverpop account. And clients only pay for new, valid sign-ups.

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