Silverpop - Guest Expert: Mediacurrent’s Adam Waid on 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of an Open-Source CMS
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Guest Expert: Mediacurrent’s Adam Waid on 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of an Open-Source CMS

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
08 August 2014

In recent years, many savvy marketers have been starting to leverage new technology to integrate their digital marketing platform with a content management system (CMS), enabling them to serve up more personal content to Web visitors, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

There are many different types of content management systems available to marketers, one of those being Drupal, a free, open-source Web development platform for online content and user communities.

This month we have Adam Waid, director of marketing for Silverpop partner Mediacurrent, tell us what open source means and share five things marketers should understand about Drupal:

Adam Waid, MediacurrentAs marketers you understand the importance of having a system that promotes ease and efficiency when it comes to implementing marketing processes. You want to create content once and use it over and over in different ways to create contextual user experiences.

Open-source platforms such as Drupal provide a variety of powerful, integrated tools to not only help you understand who your visitors are and what they want to accomplish, but to also dig deeper into their interactions, engagements and habits with your site. Drupal is developed by a community of 630,000 users and developers and is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), which means anyone is free to download it and share it with others.

Here are five tips for how you can get the most out of an open-source CMS like Drupal:

1) Complement your content marketing strategy

A big part of a marketing strategy is content creation, so it’s important that marketers are easily able to add new pieces to their website. Leverage your CMS to quickly add blog posts, videos, and landing pages to your website. If I want to add a blog to our Drupal-powered website, for example, I'm in and out in less than seven clicks.  

2) Establish an efficient workflow

A planned workflow is the underpinning of every efficient business process. Whether a business is processing leads, updating a Web page, evaluating a capital purchase, or approving new hires, certain actions must take place in order for the function to be completed. Workflow involves the passing of content between people in a chain that abide by a predefined set of rules. Create a workflow within your CMS that’s customized to your company's processes and team.

3) Integrate your marketing automation platform

Siloed data can hamper your marketing aspirations, and few channels are more critical for interacting with customers than your website. By connecting your CMS with your central marketing platform, you’ll be better positioned to deliver a superior customer experience.

In the case of Drupal, every major marketing automation platform has a custom module created for easy integration. How do I know? Mediacurrent developed most of them, including the Silverpop Engage Drupal module, which enables Silverpop customers to integrate key features of Silverpop Engage, including Web form integration and page tracking, with minimal setup administrators.

4) Create dynamic digital experiences

If you’re staying competitive, you’ve likely made a significant investment in creating a compelling website that really tells the story of your brand and what you have to offer. To drive even more engagement, look to transform your static website into one that allows you to deliver content targeted specifically to each unique visitor. (Note: If you’re interested in creating a more personalized website, Mediacurrent is giving away a free digital audit in August.)

5) Bridge the gap between IT and marketing

When building an open-source site, the amount of coding required to maintain or build the site is up to you. A full-featured site can be built fulfilling many business requirements with point-and-click ease. For us “non-coding” marketers, Drupal allows us to go into each page and easily edit the content while still maintaining the consistency of our branding — without the need to know HTML or CSS.   

Mediacurrent helps organizations build highly impactful, elegantly designed Drupal websites. After completing hundreds of custom-built websites for top-notch clients like The Weather Channel, NBA and more, they have a track record of delivering successful projects. Mediacurrent's service offerings allow it to be a single source partner for Drupal development, design, digital strategy and training. For more information visit

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