Silverpop - Guest Expert: Kwanzoo’s Mani Iyer on Using Display and Retargeting Technologies to Drive Revenue
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Guest Expert: Kwanzoo’s Mani Iyer on Using Display and Retargeting Technologies to Drive Revenue

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
29 August 2013

While marketers today use a range of channels for demand generation, display advertising has traditionally been deployed more for branding than as a means to drive demand. That’s starting to change. New technologies now make it possible to seamlessly integrate display and retargeting campaigns with marketing automation processes and data, resulting in lower media costs and increased lead conversions.

We’re happy to have Mani Iyer, founder of rich media marketing solutions provider and Silverpop partner Kwanzoo, offer his insights regarding best practices for using display advertising and retargeting to optimize demand. In this post, he shares five tips for using display and retargeting technologies to drive more top-of-funnel demand, rapidly move leads down your funnel and accelerate your pipeline:

Mani Iyer1) Integrate your systems.

Display advertising and marketing automation technologies have traditionally been siloed. Many digital marketers track prospect interactions with their website or  email campaigns, but when prospects engage with the brand outside of these channels – for instance through a display ad on a third-party website – they lose all insight on the prospect.

In this past, there hasn’t been a way to connect click tracking and engagement data from your ad technologies to your marketing automation platform. But today it’s possible to bridge this divide by integrating your digital marketing solution with a rich media platform – and then use this data to deliver more relevant content and nurture prospects more effectively.

2) Use in-banner forms and video lead forms to boost top-of-funnel leads.

The traditional approach to lead capture through display involves placing a banner ad on a third-party website, or serving out the ad via an ad network. When prospects click on the banner, they are redirected to a landing page to fill out a form that’s managed by your marketing automation system. With in-banner forms and video lead forms, you can lose the landing page.

Kwanzoo in-banner lead forms

Prospects fill out their lead information, receive their content offer, or complete their Webinar registration right inside the ad unit. The forms eliminate redirects, remove potential drop-off points, reduce the number of steps for prospects, and increase form fills. Kwanzoo clients who have implemented these forms have seen a 30 percent increase in lead conversions and more top-of-funnel leads.

Kwanzoo video lead form

3) Retarget more effectively with in-banner forms.

Thousands of people visit your website every day without converting. Instead of just letting them go, many marketers have incorporated retargeting – serving up ads after these visitors have left the site – as a way to quickly recapture this “low-hanging fruit.” With in-banner forms, you can increase the ROI of these remarketing efforts.

For example, one Kwanzoo client found that while it had nearly 18,000 monthly unique visitors to its website, it was only capturing about 450 leads each month through landing page forms. With retargeting, this company was able to focus on serving ads to this convenient pool of 17,500-plus website visitors who are already familiar with its brand, then boost conversions with in-banner forms integrated into its retargeting campaigns.

4) Use rich media polls to improve nurture programs.

Typical nurture campaigns today are email-centric. You track prospect interactions and score leads across your email and website using a marketing automation system. But what about the other places your prospects are interacting — your blog or community site, third-party media sites, ad placements, social pages or partner websites? Wouldn’t it be great to engage and nurture prospects in these places, capturing additional insights to move prospects more rapidly down your demand funnel?

Rich media polls and mini-surveys provide a new way to engage prospects, not only directly inside email but also across other digital channels including display, retargeting and the Web. Instead of pressuring prospects with direct call-to-actions, disarm them with an interesting poll question and draw out their interest and intent. It’s a lot more effective, and our tests have shown up to a 300 percent increase in click-through rates from nurture emails and 40 percent more downloads on landing pages.

Kwanzoo rich media poll

5) Target individual buyers with persona-based and account-based offers.

Displaying personalized and relevant offers to prospects is essential for increased effectiveness of display campaigns. Marketers can now serve highly relevant and personalized ads to individual prospects using dynamic ad serving capabilities, which leverage your data on prospects and specific target accounts. Serve targeted rich media content and ads, while delivering one-to-one relevance to each buyer.

Kwanzoo personalized ad

By applying these innovations and tactics, you can turn display and retargeting into a more effective demand generation channel for your business.

Kwanzoo offers a cloud-based platform for marketers to build rich media ads that integrate “out-of-the-box” with Silverpop. Increase media efficiency and boost top-of-funnel leads by 30 percent or more. Improve nurture programs through display and email. Deliver persona-based marketing on ad networks. To learn more, visit

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