Silverpop - Guest Expert: Fluent’s Jordan Cohen on 4 Key Tactics for Email Acquisition You Must Be Using
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Guest Expert: Fluent’s Jordan Cohen on 4 Key Tactics for Email Acquisition You Must Be Using

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
10 February 2015

As a digital marketer, how important is your email program to you? For many businesses, it’s the primary means of communication for staying connected with customers. With that said, are you investing the necessary time and resources to not only acquire new customers’ email addresses, but also make sure they are accurate?

We’re excited to have Jordan Cohen, chief marketing officer at Silverpop partner Fluent, share his insights on how you can make sure your email acquisition programs are returning the best results.

Jordan CohenIn digital marketing, the most valuable piece of information you can have about someone is his or her email address. With the rise of social media, app technology, and other forms of communication, however, too many marketers have been distracted from core email acquisition programs and subsequent campaigns.

But don’t get it twisted – email remains the most effective digital channel for interacting with your customers because you control the message, the timing and the action that recipients should take.

Before these campaigns can kick off, engage your base, and bring in more revenue, you have to entice prospective customers to share their information with your company in the first place. Employ these four digital advertising tactics to ramp up your acquisition of email addresses:

1) Make signing up a primary call to action on your website.

As soon as visitors hit your site, give them an incentive to sign up for your mailing list. Whether it’s access to your newsletter, sneak peeks on sales, or a discount on their next purchase, make your email sign-up call-to-action stand out. Test and monitor new subscriber engagement from each offer, so you have a better understanding of which call-to-actions are performing successfully and which could use a little TLC.

2) Take advantage of the fact that everyone loves a sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes are a great way to get people signing up. Make sure your prize is valuable and your timeline is short – no one will give up his or her email address only to wait weeks for a prize. Also, make sure your prize tightly aligns with your overall brand and the products and services you offer. That will ensure you’re generating qualified and interested email subscribers regardless of whether or not they win the sweepstakes.

3) Spend on paid advertising on a Cost-Per-Action (CPA) basis.

Ad buying effectiveness depends on how successful ads are at driving profitable conversions. CPA-based ads remove the uncertainty associated with cost-per-thousand impression (CPM) and cost-per-click (CPC) advertising because you only pay when consumers take a desired action like opting in to your newsletter – and never on wasted clicks or impressions that go nowhere. The CPA market has matured over the years, and CPA advertising has become affordable and accessible to a wider variety of marketers than ever before.

4) Validate all new sign-ups.

Collecting bad email addresses can hurt your marketing efforts with increased bouncebacks and deliverability challenges. Stop these issues in their tracks by validating each email address upon sign-up. Make sure the format is correct and the email provider is legitimate (e.g., “” rather than “”). We work with a number of best-in-class technology providers who help validate sign-ups in real-time.

Your customers live in their inboxes, making it the easiest and most reliable way to promote brand recognition and directly market to your buyers. But all effective marketing starts with intelligent acquisition. Employ these tips and start growing your lists!

Fluent is the industry’s leading customer acquisition platform. Its innovative ad serving technology and extensive advertising network enable brands to acquire their best customers, with precision, at a massive scale. Fluent’s partner integration with Silverpop establishes a real-time data transfer and triggered welcome message when new users sign up for an email list in response to an ad run on the Fluent CPA advertising network.

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