Silverpop - Guest Blog: Invodo on 6 Tips to Launch Your First Email-Powered Video Campaign
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Guest Blog: Invodo on 6 Tips to Launch Your First Email-Powered Video Campaign

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
01 April 2013

With so many emails flooding inboxes, how can marketers make their messages stand out above the rest and entice individuals to read them? One powerful way to make your emails more engaging is by incorporating video.

This month we’re happy to have Russ Somers, VP of marketing with e-commerce video solution Invodo, provide his tips for using video to help enhance your digital marketing campaigns.

Russ SomersEvery email campaign starts with effective content, and a recent study by the e-tailing group confirms that video is effective content indeed. Fifty-seven percent of online shoppers report that video increases their confidence in a purchase, lowering the chance of a costly return. And in email, video has been shown repeatedly to double click-through rate (CTR).

Not using video in email? Maybe you’re under the impression that it requires additional tools, adds complexity, or jeopardizes deliverability. It can — but it doesn’t have to. Follow these six tips to successfully include video in your next email campaign.

1) Simple Is BestInvodo Video in Email Example
A simple approach works — there’s no need to “animate the inbox.” Ask for the click with a simple video player image with a “Play” button, as shown at right. You’ll dramatically increase your CTR without creating additional deliverability risk. And, in doing so, you’ll give your customers what they want — the opportunity to choose how to engage with video.

2) Remember Campaign 101
Video in email is most powerful as part of a well-designed campaign. Use the video CTA in the email to drop visitors to a dedicated landing page optimized around the campaign goals (not a product page or YouTube channel). The video should play for them (more on that in a moment) and should account for the next step the visitor should take. Whether the next step is to add to cart, begin shopping, or sign up for a promotion, make the CTA clear and specific, as you would with any CTA on a landing page. You can even use Invodo’s In-Video Shopping to make CTAs available within the video itself.

3) Ask for the Click
Invodo research shows that nearly twice as many people will click on a video that includes a text CTA such as “Click to Play.” So don’t forget to ask for the click. The text CTA also helps with the recipients who block images.

4) Autoplay on the Landing Page is A-OK
Consumers react negatively to autoplay in most contexts. Why is it a good idea here? Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. From their perspective, when they click on the video player CTA in the email they are “clicking on the video to play it.” User testing will confirm this perception. When the video autoplays on the landing page, users perceive a seamless experience. Otherwise, they feel like they had to click twice.

5) Not All Content Engages and Converts Equally
The e-tailing group research confirms that engagement varies based on the video content. Videos that educate and demonstrate draw the highest engagement, with shoppers watching two minutes or more. Videos supporting a general brand value proposition are less effective in maintaining attention. Think about the shopper’s journey and make sure you’re using video that’s relevant to their decision.

6) Always Be Testing
Email marketing through Silverpop allows for endless A/B testing. Take advantage of that. For starters, test emails with video versus emails without video. One of our clients tried calling out “Video” in the subject line to see if open rates increased. How much? Test and find out. Test different video placements and CTAs.

Video is a powerful form of content to break through the clutter, and consumers are coming to expect it across channels. If you have video content and a digital marketing platform like Silverpop, there’s nothing preventing you from launching your first email campaign with video tomorrow.

Invodo enhances the customer experience through video. It improves the way retailers sell, brands communicate product value, and services engage and educate. Invodo video increases sales conversion rates, attracts traffic through SEO and social networks, and increases consumer engagement. To learn more, visit

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