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Blog Posts by David Pyrzenski

  • 8-Second Pitch: What Snapchat, Twitter and Your Marketing Approach Should Have in Common

    In today’s sensory-overload, instant-access, omnichannel world of consumer marketing, the fight for exposure and attention has never been harder. As we’ll detail below, you’ve got roughly[...]

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  • Lighting the Torch for Your CMO: 5 Tips for Igniting Your Marketing Efforts

    As recently reported by IBM’s Global C-Suite Study, CMOs at industry-leading “Torchbearer” companies set their brands apart by developing deeper customer experiences and by working harder[...]

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  • Cognitive Business: 2 Areas to Focus On

    During the recent Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty discussed a new business model that will dramatically improve how we interact with our customers: “When digital[...]

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  • Clicks, Conversions and High-Fives: 3 Tips to Focus and Refine Your Marketing Measurements

    As marketers, you’ve likely examined many different ways to measure campaign success, depending on the technology you’re using, the quantitative data you have access to, and the channel[...]

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  • How Marketing Can Help Provide the Social Support Your Customers Need to Buy Your Products

    Have you ever made a big purchase on a luxury product and immediately experienced buyer’s remorse? You can probably recall that. But what if I asked, “Were you feeling socially supported[...]

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  • Communication Automation: Leverage Your Technology Beyond Marketing

    Email service providers (ESPs), marketing automation platforms (MAs), and customer relationship management suites (CRMs) have been advancing through the years to provide the optimal marketing[...]

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  • Beyond Preferences: How to Appeal to the Inherent Nature of Your Customers

    Which image should I place in this email to maximize the odds that the recipient will click through and complete the call to action? Ever since companies started placing product images in[...]

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  • 3 Tips for Creating Customer Microsegments

    Savvy modern marketers are on a continual quest to create programs and strategies that provide a singular, omni-connected communication string with each contact in their database. At Silverpop,[...]

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  • 2 Ideas for Customizing Email Content: Weather and Language Personalization

    Recently, I delivered a Webinar for Retail Online Integration on personalization strategies for email campaigns. The discussion revolved around how to develop an approach for reaching customers[...]

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  • Post-Holiday Marketing Strategies: 2 Outside-the-Box Campaigns for After Christmas

    Campaigns are launched, emails are queued, and your revenue attribution model is already starting to give you insight into your holiday marketing performance. As a marketer and consultant,[...]

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  • 6 Tips for Approaching the Revenue Attribution Discussion

    During consulting engagements, I encourage the use of testing and measurement to identify marketing campaigns that drive revenue and profit. Clients often protest, stating that this is something[...]

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  • Marketing Context: How to Get It Right

    I’m a devout believer in targeted, individualized marketing. Behavioral or demographic, they both have their place. As an enterprise consultant for Silverpop, I advise my clients to send[...]

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