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Double Revenue by Focusing on Existing Customers

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by: Adam Steinberg (@adams472)
01 August 2014

If you’re like most marketers, you’re measuring success based on the number of new customers you acquire every month. While adding new contacts is critical, you could be missing an opportunity to increase your profits 50 percent or more by neglecting existing customers.

Consider these statistics:


The evidence is clear: Retaining existing customers can dramatically improve revenue and profitability while freeing up marketing budget to acquire even more customers.

Where do you start? There are several approaches for retaining customers, but for this post we’ll focus on the early and latter stages of the relationship.

Onboarding New Customers

The first seven days of your relationship with a new customer are critical for building a loyal relationship. Instead of dropping these customers into a simple, generic welcome program, provide a more personalized, rewarding experience by helping your new customers maximize the value of their recent purchase and introducing them to complementary products.

For example, imagine you’re a sporting goods retailer, and your new customer just purchased a bicycle.

A traditional welcome program might include a series of emails to a customer with these topics:

  1. Thank you for your purchase / shipping confirmation
  2. Please review your purchase
  3. Explore our other products / 20% off coupon.

An onboarding program would be tailored to deliver personalized content to this customer:

  1. Thank you for your purchase / shipping confirmation
  2. Tips for creating the optimal bicycle setup for your training goals
  3. Tips for increasing the life of your bicycle (how-to video) with these maintenance tools (cross-sell offers)
  4. Please review your purchase

Re-Engaging Lapsed Customers

Customers that were once repeat, loyal customers are ideal targets for reactivation campaigns. There are several campaigns that can help you re-engage lapsed customers. Common examples include:

  • Offers to replenish products for customers that ordered perishable products. (Paper, batteries or food are common examples.)
  • Introducing new products relevant to the customer based on past purchases. (“Learn more about how the 2014 model is 2x faster!”)
  • Requesting feedback and surveys that can be shared with your customer service team for direct follow-up.

If you can leverage purchase data within your marketing automation system, you can automate these re-engagement campaigns. When automated, customers will start to receive re-engagement content the moment they begin to qualify as a “lapsed” customer.

Of course, it’s even better if you can prevent customers from becoming inactive, so as you’re creating your re-engagement campaigns, think about ways to work similar replenishment reminders, cross-sell and upsell offers, and feedback requests into your post-purchase messaging mix.

So, what are you waiting for? Take these tips and start leveraging your existing customers to drive more profit.

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