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Declare Your Freedom from Ineffective Marketing Tactics

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by: Todd McCormick (@TMcCormick2011)
03 July 2014

We all get stuck in ruts: at home, at work, and certainly in marketing. So, as July 4th comes around, it’s the perfect time to think about freedom, and consider what it would take to unstick yourself from the ways you do things that no longer work as well as they should. Both require courage and creativity.

As a marketing leader, it may be time for you to let go of tired campaigns and tactics that aren’t working so you can better engage customers, empower your sales team with more qualified leads, and free your customers from having an unfulfilling experiences with your company.

Here are a few ideas for breaking the ties to yesterday’s ineffective marketing tactics and propelling your teams, sales reps and customers to success

Have you freed your marketing team from:

  • Siloed data: If your customer and prospect information is strewn across disconnected silos, then you’re not getting the rich insights a centralized master database can provide. By integrating all these systems, you get a complete picture of your customers — who they are, what they’re most likely to buy, and how they want to hear from you.
  • Cart abandonment: If you can capture trigger events, such as cart abandonment, and generate targeted messaging to encourage shoppers to complete their purchases, you stand a good chance of getting their business. Abandonment email campaigns get open rates well above 50 percent, and conversion rates around 30 percent, according to research from The lesson: Cart abandonment is not the death of a sale. Sometimes customers just need a little reminder (and maybe a special offer to sweeten the pot).
  • Location blindness: With location-based marketing, you know where your customers are when they engage with your content, which means you can generate more intuitive, personalized marketing campaigns. For example, if you sell herbal tea, and one of your digital customers happens to be in a store that sells your product, why not send the person a 20-percent-off coupon?

Have you liberated your sales team from:

  • Uneducated sales conversations: Lead scoring tools that tap into and leverage data from a variety of sources (think CRM, marketing automation, and even social media) help sales teams identify qualified prospects. By ensuring reps get in front of viable buyers, you shorten your sales process and reduce the average cost per sale.
  • Customer attrition: With the right nurture marketing tools and tactics, you can keep clients engaged with your brand, content and products after they complete a purchase. By continuing to deliver rich value, you keep those customer relationships strong and remind them to come back for more. 

Have you freed your customers from:

  • A one-size-fits-all Web experience: With behavioral marketing tools that let you create a rich customer profile and a CMS integration in place that enables you to customize Web content, you’re no longer tied to delivering a generic website experience. Instead, you can build relationships with your digital customers, find out what they want, and deliver dynamic content on your site that’s uniquely tailored to each visitor.
  • Irrelevant inbox clutter: Your customers get tons of unengaging email. And we all know what they do with it. (Delete, delete, delete.) One key to avoiding the trash folder is identifying customer preferences and interests so you can deliver fresh content they want to read.
  • Being tied to their computers: Almost 90 percent of consumers say it’s important for retailers to let them shop on whichever sales channel is most convenient — which increasingly means their mobile devices. This opens up huge opportunities for marketers who can get “mobile” right. In fact, after reviewing 780 million mobile opens from 2 million campaigns sent to nearly 2 billion email addresses, one study found that “if users open an email on a mobile device, they are more likely to open it a second time than they are to click from their phone or tablet.” Stay ahead of the curve by delivering a seamless shopping experience for your mobile users.

How about your company — what marketing challenges are holding you back, and what solutions have you found to free yourself from them? Send me a Tweet at @TMcCormick2011.and share your experiences.

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