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Blog Posts by Darryl Bolduc

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  • Email Frequency POV: How Often Should You Email Your Customers?

    Marketers often ask “How frequently should I be emailing my customers, or any one individual customer?” This isn’t an easy question to answer, as each individual may have different: Levels[...]

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  • Marketing Spring Cleaning: Naming Conventions

    I'm often asked, "What's the one thing that will get my marketing performing better?" My answer is short and sweet: time. Unfortunately, we all have less time than we’d like to be creative[...]

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  • 7 Magnificent Email Marketing Best Practices for End-of-Year Reflection

    Something must be happening in the email universe, because in the last month I’ve been asked three times for a list of email best practices. Perhaps it’s just a case of holiday reflection[...]

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  • What Can Mobile Push Notifications Do for You?

    With mobile engagement and sales on the rise, many marketers are eager to incorporate push notifications into their marketing efforts to see what push can do for them. But perhaps the more[...]

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  • 3 Tips for Facilitating “Creative Conversations”

    Why is it that your creative team seems so much cooler than you? It can't just be the hipster glasses and ironic fashion sense — after all, there’s more to knowing what makes good creative[...]

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  • The Secret Stash: A Different Kind of Marketing Promotion

    When you need a boost in sales, what’s your “go-to” promotion? Many marketers rely on flagship programs, such as a monthly newsletter, daily deals or a standard cart abandonment program,[...]

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  • Gmail’s New Visual Promotions Tab: Quick Observations and Tips for Email Marketers

    Recently I wrote a blog about how simplified email imagery can help you stand out. This is truer than ever given Google’s latest curveball: Gmail Visual Promotions Tab — Grid View, which[...]

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  • Simple Flat UI: Using Design Simplicity to Make Your Emails Stand Out

    Regardless of whether you’re familiar with the terms “simple user interface” or “Flat UI,” you’ve probably noticed the results. It’s why your apps are easy to use. It’s why websites no longer[...]

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  • Engagement Scoring: If a Customer Clicked You in the Face, Would You Notice?

    How important is customer engagement? Seismic? Paramount? Whatever big words you use to describe it, it’s pretty much how we know if anyone is listening, short of buying something. As most[...]

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  • 4 Tips for Fine-Tuning Your Holiday Approach This Year

    Recently I had the pleasure of discussing peak holiday season planning with one of our farthest-reaching client brands. Interestingly, we were forced to look at multiple customer types,[...]

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  • Goof-Proofing Your Emails -- and Using the Channel to Enhance Customer Service When Issues Arise

    As email marketers, how has our role in sending marketing messages evolved through the years? I’m not sure it’s changed for everyone in the same way, but I do know the difference between[...]

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